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  1. Love love love love everything - you look amazing and the pictures are wonderful.
  2. Thanks for all the wellwishes. We had a wonderful wedding and Juan was amazing. He totally outdid himself. We have over a thousand pics. Amazing and we only did the four hour package. Sorry again for being such a slacker on here...lol...
  3. Here it is... http://www.juancarlostapia.com/s/riu/toby/index.html I have been horrible and not on here at all - so busy with my new job but I thought some girls would like to see more pics of Riu Cabo so here it is.
  4. Riu Cabo San Lucas - A: Riu is beautiful, the food is good and the drinks are a plenty. If you want big cups for the pool etc, bring your own. Daniela the new coordinator is great but bring all your paper work because she won't honor any previous agreements made with Adriana unless you have it in writing. The beach is beautiful and the pictures will be amazing. It was a super pain to walk up and down all those stairs for pictures in a wedding dress. I bought sandals with a big wedge heel to wear adn I am so thankful I did. The food at the Mexican Terrace was good but nothing so fabulous I will
  5. i made it but there is a premade one by alesso ...just google alesso, I think that Walgreens sells them...
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by andreaz Very cool idea for the guest book! Any advice on weddings at the riu...I am getting there next may. just make sure that you keep all documents, plan on using the beach for the ceremony because its so pretty and really great for pictures, no matter what something will go wrong so just accept that the day will be fabulous but not perfect...enjoy...there is a lot of info on this site about Riu and weddings...
  7. here are some pics we have from the wedding..primarily the decorations etc..
  8. I promise to post more tomorrow and to write a long long review...xoxo
  9. Taking a moment to send thanks for the shout outs and to tell everyone that it was wonderful. Juan rocked, the Riu is beautiful, The Westin is amazing and i am so glad that now I just get to relax and be married...full review when i get back -- and some dirt on my MIL's insanity right before I walked down the Aisle!!!! You Riu girls will love it and everyone else - no worries, its amazing. Hugs and Kisses from Cabo - more soon.... Toby
  10. Product Detail - DyeableShoeStore.com Product Detail - DyeableShoeStore.com
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by LC_Rachel Toby, LOVE THOSE! I want them for myself but I'm thinking I need a wedge though. Is your ceremony/reception on sand? If so, maybe I can do it to. If you can, I can right?! mine is not on the sand but there are tons of shoes that are that cute and lower heel...i'll pull some for you...
  12. i had the same dilema and decided to get dyeables - because i couldnt find any bright shoes i liked. these are the ones i ended up with...go with what you love - why not its your wedding day.
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