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Pookie's Planning Thread *Pic Heavy*

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Originally Posted by Amarillis View Post
Super job!!!!
You look totally organized. How are you packing all of the extras? Are you worried about weight on the plane?
Surprisingly, with everything we are brining with us (even vases for the centerpieces), we were able to fit everything into 4 carryon bags and two big check-in bags. One is the carry-ons is my dress and my mom will carry that, another is my FI's suit and our shoes and small accessories, I'll take that. Then we have two Office Depot file boxes will all our wedding stuff (most of it, some is split between the two big check bags, but the most important stuff that we would hate to have lost is coming with us). My FI and his dad will carry those. We also have two "personal item" bags, mine has all the mini pinatas in it, I dont want them to get smashed and my wallet, book, etc. My FI's bag has the laptop for our music and all our documents. I was so worried, but everything seemed to have worked out, the only thing not packed is our make-up/toilettries.

PS: I read a review that they stop you if you have stuff in boxes, so i have an envelop of all my receipts in one of the boxes, just in case.

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How awesome! All your stuff looks great! I hope everything goes fantastically well for you and your FI. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your wedding day soon!smile159.gif

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