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My Proposal story - Curacao, november 7th 2006


I had my last dive for my PADI. My boyfriend would dive with me just for fun...he said...I had noticed that he didn't eat all morning and he was gone with the instructor for awhile.


While we where diving my boyfriend would make heart signs with his hand and pointed at me. That was so sweet. A couple minutes later the diving instructor made me sit down on the bottom of the ocean and held up a sign that said: "do you like perfect moments" so I nodded yes. We where surrounded with beautiful fish so I thought there would be some nice fishes that I had to see...( I still did not have a clue)


Then he pointed at my boyfriend...who was on his knees with a sign that said "will you marry me"....He looked so sweet with his big eyes under his diving mask LOL! I was so surprised and because of my laughter there was an explosion of bubbles! Of course I wrote YES! on the back of the sign. He gave me my beautiful ring and we gave each other the most wettest kiss ever, but I loved it.


The instructor applauded, congratulated us (he made a nice kind of ceremony off it) and made pictures from us.


Wow! what a feeling huh when you just been proposed!


Hand in hand we would swim back to shore. When we arrived several people welcomed us with a huge applauding. The instructor had told them my boyfriend would propose me!


The diving suits where off in a minute! We had a private table at the terrace by the sea, a bottle of champagne (not a good idea after diving but hey this a once in a lifetime moment) The sun was slowly descending on the background...the moment couldn't be more perfect for me!!!


We are getting married on the beach, so no underwater wedding for us LOL.


(excuse my English, it's not my first language)

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That's a really sweet proposal!!! What an awesome last dive for your PADI training :) You should post the pics your instructor took!

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Thanks you all for your sweet replies ;-) I really love this forum!!!


wowwza! thats very unique... and perfectly you guys too!
thanks Nic! Yeah but alcohol and diving is not a good mix LOL I fell in a deep sleep the minute we got in the hotel room..how romantic!! smile105.gif (by the way still can't upload my picture, keep getting a error grrrrrr)


Your english is way better than my dutch lol
I believe you miss Uk ;-)

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