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Kristen's Dreams Los Cabos Wedding Review

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Travel dates May 16-25

Wedding date: May 21

Guests: 20 adults, 4 children

Location: Cascade terrace


We chose to have our wedding at Dreams Cabo because we had been to 3 Dreams properties before and Cabo was our favorite.


Wedding & Reception

I used the Dreams Ultimate Wedding package (2,650) and it worked out very nicely and saved us alot of money. It included major things like the flowers, minister services (John Fagan), cocktail hour, food at the reception, cake, hair & makeup, part of the photography package (Tomas Barron) and even some spa services. The only extra's we had to pay for were the bows they tie around the chairs (I think $2 each) and to rent the ipod/speakers and mic ($200). With the ultimate package we were able to chose 5 hot items and 4 cold items for our cocktail hour and there were cocktail servers bringing drinks the whole time. For dinner we were given selections from what they called "The Golden Menu". We chose a blue cheese & pear salad, tomato basil soup, Lobster & Filet, and chocolate mousse with baileys for desert. The food was amazing! Especially the lobster. The staff was on top of their game the night of the wedding. I could tell they take events very seriously to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.


I didn't hire any outside vendors and after reading alot of the reviews on here, it made me really nervous because not alot of brides used the Ultimate package. Yesica assured me in her emails that she would take care of everything and not to worry and even though I did worry the whole time, everything turned out perfect and my guests were so impressed with everything.


Dreams Salon & Spa


Dreams Salon (D)

I was not at all impressed with the service there or the hair, make up, and mani/ pedi I got the day of the wedding. I brought pictures of how I wanted my hair and makeup and the woman who did my hair and make up looked at the pictures and said "Ok no problem" and then did my hair and makeup to look nothing like the pictures. My hair she did an ok job. It was very simple, she put my hair up in a pony tail and curled and pinned all the curls down and then I had a gardenia flower clip pinned to the side. My makeup I brought a picture from a bridal magazine where the model had white & silver eye shadow and black liner (I have very dark hair and eyes and wanted light eye makeup to brighten things up a bit). She did the foundation and blush first and then when she started to do my eye makeup I closed my eyes and after she did one eye I noticed she was using browns. I asked her if we could redo it to make it look more like the picture. She said she had no silvers or white eye makeup! I kinda just tried to remained calm and figured I had no choice and it wasn't worth getting worked up over. When she was done my eye makeup I noticed that it was uneven and I asked her to fix it and she didn't understand me so she handed me the eyeliner she was using and said I could fix it myself. Not impressed!! Also I had a mani/ pedi before hair and makeup began. I paid $78 for that and all I will say is that I could have done a better job and it was a waste of money. They didn't even cut my cuticles and it wasn't good quality nail polish either. Overall I wasn't happy with the services at the Salon and would totally recommend using outside services. I ended up fixing my makeup in my room before the ceremony and my hair was ok, it was just not exactly how I wanted it.


Dreams Spa (A)

While I didn't love the salon, the spa services were awesome. We booked the honeymoon suite so that included some extras such as a private beachfront dinner, champagne, and 2 spa services. We chose the salt glow scrub for 2 and the tension release massage for 2. The day after are wedding we had the swedish massage for 2 which was included with the Ultimate package. All services at the Spa were awesome.


Tomas Barron: Photography & Videography (A)


Yesica advised me that with our package one hour of photography was included along with videography services were I would get a 30 minute edited dvd. I contacted Tomas and asked for prices for an upgrade. He told me that for $900 plus tax I would get 3 extra hours of photos which would include a master cd with all copies and 200 prints. Him and his assistant showed up one hour before the ceremony and stayed for 5 hours. About a month after the wedding I got my dvd and photos in the mail. There was 1700 photos on 2 cd's and he made me 3 copies of the dvd. Also the 200 prints were in a really nice leather album. We were very happy with our choice to use Tomas, he was very friendly and worked very hard. I would highly recommend him.


Yesica Garcia, Dreams Wedding Planner (A+)

I loved working with Yesica. I will admit that there was several times when her emails made me nervous and I would go weeks without getting a response, but once I got to Dreams she made me feel at ease. She met us at the front desk when we checked in and then we had a meeting the same day. She arranged everything for us, and worked very hard. She did the centerpieces (hurricane candles and starfish) and she even typed up menus and did the table number signs. We gave her all our welcome bags and info on when our guests would be checking in and she handled all that. The night of the wedding she decorated our suite with rose pedals and candles, and arranged breakfast in bed for us the next morning.


Overall we were very happy with our decision to have a destination wedding at Dreams. Most of our guests had never been to an all inclusive and were so impressed with everything. Everything went by so fast and it was so much fun, an experience of a lifetime to have your closest friends and family on a vacation together for your wedding. It was a dream come true, and I think all Dreams brides would agree!

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Thank you for the review! can we see pics?! cheesy.gif

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Kristen...great review...where are the pics?


I am so happy to hear you used Tomas and loved him. I had some mixed feelings prior to going and I still haven't gotten my pics yet but we loved him and he was so nice and passionate about what he does...I really want to see your pics! :)

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Kristen - Thanks so much for the awesome review. We are getting married at Dreams in September and using the Ultimate Package too. I have gotten nervous not seeing a lot of other reviews on the Dreams Packages.


I may look at getting an outside service for hair and make-up since you had such a bad experience. How were your flowers? I also was wondering how you like the Cascade Terrace? We have ~20 people coming so I wondered if the Oceana Terrace would be too big.


Thanks for your advice!

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