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Azul Sensatori Brides - POST HERE!

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#12151 Mnd3A

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    Posted 21 February 2011 - 04:39 PM

    Hi!  I just visited Azul Sensatori and spoke with the Wedding Coordinators.  They said you CAN ship stuff to their Lomas Travel Offices in Mexico, however you typically have to pay a $80-$100 duty on it when you receive it (on top of what you paid to ship it!!).  They recommended bringing anything you'd like with you (definitely cheaper to check extra bags), especially since they said a lot of brides have had shipments show up weeks late.  Hope that helps!

    I married my soulmate on May 19, 2012 at Azul Sensatori surrounded by 97 of our closest family and friends

    #12152 Nikki O

    Nikki O
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      Posted 21 February 2011 - 04:48 PM

      Can someone email me the templates also please?! thank you!!

      Originally Posted by gems2104 

      Hi I was wondering if you wouldn't mind emailing these directly to me as I am still in NOOB status and wont get out of it by the time of my wedding.

      My email is gems2104@hotmail.com


      Would really appreciate your help




      Azul Sensatori - May 7, 2011

      #12153 JaimeCF2BR

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        Posted 21 February 2011 - 05:57 PM

        Hey Nikki - Ill send it over to you.  Mine is purely a template...so words/photos or anything.  It just took me so long to get the page numbering to match with my computer, that I wanted to share what I have so far :)

        #12154 Mahalo79

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          Posted 21 February 2011 - 06:31 PM

          Hey ladies!

          Well it is nice to know I'm not alone in the financial stress in the family members dept!  We knew going into this that a lot of people wouldn't be able to join us and we were ok with that, but we didn't foresee all these other stressful situations concerning money and family.  Also my whole family booked and paid their deposits right away, his family is overdue - luckily the TA has given them an extension and fingers crossed they pay it in time - they are also the only ones who haven't paid their deposits back to us, so I'm out 1000 if they don't pay up.  A lesson learned for the future though, no more money to family unless it is an emergency, they are not financially responsible at all!  The sad thing is it should be our famililes, especially parents, making it easier for us, not more stressful!  

          But you know what they say, you can't choose your family!  So best of luck to everyone dealing with family problems, and to future brides . .  . don't make deposits for family members!  If they want to come they can make their own, just say No!  Also thank goodness for this site and everyone's good advice!  

          #12155 Mahalo79

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            Posted 21 February 2011 - 06:34 PM

            Also on a side note, I bought 30 sandalwood fans in chinatown for $30.  Anyone ever tried a craft with a wood burning tool?  Im wondering if I should try putting our initials and wedding date on them or just stick with a turqiouse bow and leave it at that.  Let me know if you have ever used one, or if you have heard any disasters with them for DIY favors lol.  Thanks!

            #12156 TLGnhci

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              Posted 21 February 2011 - 06:59 PM

              Originally Posted by Chapa 

              Hi TLGnhci, I am sure I am super late on this but I believe you had said something about having to pay full price for your 13 year old daughter (atleast I think she was 13), but I wanted to let you know I looked at my contract and I have a child price (6-15) for 6 nights in a luxury ocean view suite for $337.56.

              Ahh, that is so maddening.  I wonder how everyone can get such different information all the time!  Thank you for letting me know.  I will check into it.  It's frustrating because we pay full price for them even though they don't drink, and they aren't allowed in LeChique. 



              #12157 melfaybik

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                Posted 21 February 2011 - 09:48 PM

                Thank you for the info!


                Originally Posted by JaimeCF2BR 

                Melissa - Instead of Pepto, I got Tums Quick Paks on Ebay (72 individual paks for $13, including shipping/handling). 


                Also, I see your questioning the first-aid kit...I had that on my original list, but since my OOT bag is including advil, tums, bandaids, etc...it seemed a separate first-aid kit might not be necessary. 


                Lastly, there is a really great thread in the general section.  I think the title is "OOT Bags, what worked and what didnt".  Or something like that? 



                Great idea!! What did you print on the sticker? What kind of pepto bismol did you buy and where did you get it?


                Originally Posted by amcferron 

                regarding vistaprint....yes, be sure to try different links to get different prices!!


                and with OOT bag stuff.....i bought first aid kits and was able to just add ibuprofen, immodium, pepto bismol, and a roll of tums INTO the kit and then made a sticker on vistaprint to put on top of the kit!!  and yes, it all fit!!  :)


                #12158 Vic0214

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                  Posted 22 February 2011 - 08:50 AM

                  I  know how you feel, I got the thank you cards from Vista which i later turned into luggage tags i got my welcome brochures which look amazing and i my door hangers from Vista. I can't tell you how much i 've saved with Vista print and how easy it was for me.


                  Originally Posted by JaimeCF2BR 

                  I am so addicted to VistaPrint right now.  You guys may already know this, but depending on the link you use to get to the website, you get different prices!


                  This is how I got the tshirts for $4.50!  If you go through a different link, they show up $8.  Its so crazy!  If anyone is interested in the Ts, let me know and Ill see if I can send the link.


                  Then I found a way to order 100 post cards for free (just pay $6 shipping)...10 minutes later I went through the same link and ordered a different 100 for free again! 

                  #12159 TLGnhci

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                    Posted 22 February 2011 - 09:11 AM

                    Ah, I'm starting to stress about carrying all this stuff down there, and the extra baggage fees!  I just looked at my parents flights and they will have to pay for their baggage, even the first bag!  So, that's $100 for them on the way down (including my daughter/niece) and then $80 on the way back through a different airline. 


                    Luckily, for FI an I, our first bag is free but we have to pay for the second.  I'm hoping we can get everything into four bags!!

                    #12160 amcferron

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                      Posted 22 February 2011 - 09:41 AM

                      i used pepto tablets and just put one strip of 6 tabs in each first aid kit.  pretty sure i got it on ebay.  basically you can buy 3 packs of the pepto boxes.  got my first aid kits and the dollar tree and used this sticker from vistaprint.  not sure this will work, but we will see......

                      Thank you for the info!



                      Great idea!! What did you print on the sticker? What kind of pepto bismol did you buy and where did you get it?





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