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  1. I meant to post the above reply to Brit Canuck! Also you asked about Caribe, we had Santos and I can't say enough great things about him - especially since my hubby hates getting his pic taken, he took some amazing shots of our whole group and just us together, I highly reccomend him. I got the 6 hour package, we got 3 albums to take home, 6 postcards, 30 5x7's and a cd with over 700 pictures, I am really happy that is something I chose to spend money on. If you want to see any more of our pro pics I can add you on fb, I posted a few on here recently if you got a chance to see them.
  2. I had my reception dinner at Spoon and it was lovely. The food was delicious, all the guests were happy with dinnner. There are several waiters there to serve your drinks, (no shortage of wine going around!) and food to the guests and it is your own private section of the restaurant. We didn't want any speeches, but my parents and bridal party gave a few short informal speeches/toasts and was very nice. We had a great dinner and then went to the Mojito Lounge after to party. I got really lucky as there was a live band playing that night and someone requested a song for us and the band de
  3. Thanks ladies! I was really happy with Caribe, ask for Santos he was amazing. Justine- we got the suit and linen shirt at Tristan America, I'm from Toronto not sure where you are from! I loved my dress I can't wait to wear it again in Aug for our AHR. Must get on that lol. Tisha and Maggie I loved your pics! I have lots on fb too hard to upload many here î–
  4. Hello Ladies, I know there are lots of new brides on here who I don't know, but I wanted to say enjoy your wedding planning! I am missing mine already! We got married April 25 at AS and I have been M.I.A before and after the wedding on this site, but I couldn't have done it without this website and all the support (and ideas!) I got from everyone. Just thought I would check in and say hello! Congratulations to all the April and May brides, those were the girls I got to know the best! I just wanted to say that our wedding was amazing and I don't have a single regret about doing destinati
  5. I vote to wear your dress again! I am going to wear mine at our AHR June 11. Both my grandmothers will be there as they are not coming to mexico, besides who else gets to wear their dress twice, I can't wait!
  6. Hello! I have been lurking around reading posts here and there to keep up with everyone, but haven't had much to post, I am pretty ready!! I can't believe we are in April already! I am so excited and nerves kicking in now, about making sure I have not forgotten anything!! My FI still has to hem his suit pants and I pick up my dress this weekend, so crossing my fingers it will fit perfectly!! My travel agent (he is Karisma certified) sent us our room upgrade to the Premium swim up so I'm excited about that as well! We will be at the resort April 20- May 4 so I know I will be there at the
  7. I ordered my favours and parasols from weddingfavours.ca, they came in quickly too!
  8. Hey, I have been reading about decisions of everyone regarding photographer times. I am so torn on this first look!! I tried to talk to FI about it, if I really want to he will do it, but he asked me, don't you want to see each other for the first time at the church?! Which I think I really do. I have booked our photographer from 2-8, (I am considering it an investment!!), so I want to get all the photos we need and plus we are travelling with our guests from Sensatori to EDR Chapel for ceremony and back, we rented 2 mini buses to transport the guests there and back, so I guess photograp
  9. I spent an hour this morning shopping on The Knot only to find sadly they don't ship here. My SIL lives in Cali so I could ship it there, but then she has to ship to me and I will have to pay duty (oh and wedding is in 55 days lol). Thanks so much for all the links, guess I have to start all my shopping over again!
  10. Less is more: that is amazing news that you had such an incredible wedding, brought a tear to my eye! that was so stressful for you and you deserved to be treated like a million dollars after all that! Can't wait to see pics! Congratulations!!
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