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  1. Just in case you are wondering , I asked my WC if we could schedule the meeting with the onsite WC prior to our arrival and she said no. However, she did say depending on when we arrive the meeting is usually in the afternoon of the arrival date or the morning of the 2nd day. So feel free to plan any group excursions from the third day onwards.
  2. Jaime you look fabulous!! Love your cute dress! You guys make a great looking couple!! =)
  3. Hi Chapa...this is what I got from my WC. Hope this helps! Bridal Pkg.1 (Salon): In the purchase of these treatments: • Bridal Hair Style • Make-up for Bride (INCLUDES PREVIEW) • Express Pedicure You can get… an Express Manicure for free or a Paraffin Foot Treatment for free or Acrylic Nails for $20 USD more or 50% off on the Bridal Hair Style Preview Time 175 min. $ 228 USD
  4. I would love to see one too if you don't mind sharing! Thank you! My email address is nikkiweng@rogers.com
  5. Thanks Meredith! Can't wait to read your review! I am also having my wedding in May and am doing a 4pm ceremony. How was the weather like in May? Will it be too hot at 4pm? Less is More - I can't believe they did that to you - that's unacceptable! I hope the ladies here who got married at Azul Beach were able to help you out!
  6. I think you can have your marriage cert translated to English here in Toronto. I believe it was Nicole or some past bride (sorry I can't remember her name!) from Ontario who told me that I could just use a translator from the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario. I believe that's what she did too and she only paid $50!! Quote: Originally Posted by nv+gms Blood work was easy! I donate blood and work at a hospital specializing in infection prevention and control - so I have no fears about needles or blood. The needles are single use, sterile and pkg is opened in front of you. I made the person wash her hands with alcohol based hand rub prior to touching me. I did see 2 guys and 1 girl come in to give their blood during the time we were meeting with the coordinator - they were freaking out - one guy especially. So don't be worried if it gives you the ebby jeebies - I think they see it all the time! I do have my mexican marriage certificate in hand! I forgot to get the english version while I was down there though!!! Even though it was in my detail sheet - but I guess we all forgot. I am in the process of determining if I can still pay for one and have it sent here.
  7. Congrats and welcome back! Glad everything went so well! How did the blood work go? We are doing a legal wedding too and I am concerned about getting my blood work done in Mexico. Also, I am not good with needles! Can't wait to see your full review! Btw, did you bring the mexican marriage certificate back to TO with you? Thank you! I might do the same! Thanks for sharing! Quote: Originally Posted by Less is more I printed on 70lb card stock. I chose a light yellow card stock with the hot pink print. They look pretty cute. I hope the idea works for you. Jamie, I am bringing US dollars. Your Canadian guests can easily go to a bank and ask to buy some US currency. It's not a problem =)
  8. Thank you for sharing Less is more! What kind of card stock did you print it on?
  9. Has anyone used or is planning on using cold fireworks during their reception? I was told that the resort does not allow cold fireworks but I really like the effect of fireworks exploding from all four corners after the first dance. I think it looks great in pictures!
  10. LOVE your dress mmc1105! You looked stunning! Are you wearing your hair down on your wedding day?
  11. I know I am late but I really love the second dress Jaime! It's fun and CHIC!
  12. Have a great wedding and trip January brides!! Can't wait to hear all about it!
  13. Thanks for sharing TLGnhci!! You looked fabulous Meredith! Congratulations again!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the bling and your cake!! Going to read your reviews now...thanks again for posting! I was quoted $150 for colored sheer and $100 for white sheer. Quote: Originally Posted by arkae does anyone know if the "hotel standard" shears only come in white? does anything coloured go up to the $150/per shear cost? :
  14. Have a FABULOUS time dstinationdrmr!!! I can't wait to hear all about it and see your pictures!!!!
  15. Thanks!! Thanks!! Love it!!!! But I worry about the candles though...unless you are having your reception indoor or somewhere that's protected from the wind... These are fabulous photos!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first one where you guys were holding hands walking down the road...
  16. Nikki, I also brought my iPOD and plug it into their sound system. Worked great! I do recommend bringing your charger. I had one of my friends go back to the hotel room and got us a charger during the reception. Chong, Meghan said the sound system charges the iPod while it's plugged in. Did you use a different sound system? Meghan, did you bring an adaptor for your laptop? Are the electrical sockets in Mexico same as the ones found in Canada?
  17. Hi Meghan, So all we need to bring is our iPod and they will plug it into their sound system? There is no need to bring anything else? What about charging? How did you charge your iPod during the reception? Thanks. Nikki
  18. LOVE your bouquets...they are simple, elegant and beautiful!! Thanks Nan!! I might put two of these on the guest book table.
  19. Thanks Chong! What about the lighting in general on the beach? Did you use anything else besides the candles? Thanks murmel!! I live right downtown so Dixie/QEW is probably the closest! I think small battery run tealights and frosted votive holders might work. Thanks for the tips! I will look around for battery run tealights and frosted holders!
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