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  1. i would HIGHLY recommend kinkos for welcome booklets!! mine were 30 pages and i couldn't get them to print right. after about 30 minutes i gave up and e-mialed the document ot them and they had a proof within 2 hours. i decided my time is more valuable than screwing with a welcome booklet.....granted, it was $177 but they are BEAUTIFUL and great quality!! plus, it was 30 pages X 50 copies = 1500 pages!!!
  2. I was told this for champagne too, but the "house sparkling wine" is included!! no one will know the difference!!
  3. i did 6 each of 10 inch and 14 inch. they seem great quality and easy to put together!!
  4. there are 6 poles at zavas plaza!! Quote: Originally Posted by JaimeCF2BR Ok Zavas Plaza ladies...Christmas Lights... Got the quote today...$50 per strand! Definitely bringing my own! For those of you planning (or already did) bring lights...how many strands? Then unfortunately I'll have to rent tiki torches (though $8 is much more reasonable!)...how many of those do you recommend? El Dorado Maroma is where we are going.....i have been there before and it is SUPER quiet and TOTALLY relaxing!! only about 50 rooms and most people there are honeymooners!! I have traveled to about 20 resorts in mexico and it is my favorite resort of all!! lanterns....asianideas.com paradise catamarans!! super easy to work with and #1 reviews on tripadvisor!! people on BDWF speak highly of them too!!
  5. One question right now.....for those of you who have already gotten married have any of you done the LED throwies?? my question is, do they actually tape them all together and string to the lanterns at the resort or do we need to do that?? also, did you do it with the plastic piece for on/off??
  6. i was told the same...12 meters X 1.5 meters also, the tables are 5 ft round if wanting runners.
  7. i used pepto tablets and just put one strip of 6 tabs in each first aid kit. pretty sure i got it on ebay. basically you can buy 3 packs of the pepto boxes. got my first aid kits and the dollar tree and used this sticker from vistaprint. not sure this will work, but we will see...... http://www.vistaprint.com/vp/ns/livepreview.aspx?Log=0&doc_id=1127321293&page=1&width=510&renderMode=3
  8. regarding vistaprint....yes, be sure to try different links to get different prices!! and with OOT bag stuff.....i bought first aid kits and was able to just add ibuprofen, immodium, pepto bismol, and a roll of tums INTO the kit and then made a sticker on vistaprint to put on top of the kit!! and yes, it all fit!!
  9. Hey girls!! Just wanted to share this deal today on living social. See the link below and get $10 for $50 worth of VISTAPRINT goodies!! http://livingsocial.com/deals/25957?ref=email-jp&rpi=6248779 YAY!!!
  10. So, i am in portland but the deal came from des moines!! http://livingsocial.com/deals/25957?ref=email-jp&rpi=6248779 heres the link again just in case, but otherwise, des moines it is!!
  11. Hey girls!! I don't post very often, but have learned how useful Vistaprint is. So, wanted to share this deal with you guys: https://livingsocial.com/deals/25957?ref=conf-jp&rpi=6248779 Go to this website and pay $10 for $50 to use at vistaprint!! Happy planning!!
  12. I have to say about photogs staying at the resort......i was wanting my photog for more than just the wedding. ie the catamaran/rehearsal dinner, day after shoot, etc. anyway, if you have them come another day it is another $500 (or $800) depending on when you booked. So, it cost me under $1000 dollars to have him stay there 3 days and he is basically "on call" the whole time!! it was going to be at least $1000 for hime to come at least 2 days, so it was actually cheaper for me!! def look into it. also, i am bringing a hair and makeup person and it cost me $900 to have her stay there 3 nights and airfare. she is doing anyones hair/make-up i want her to do b/c we aren't having a wedding party. so, my mother, FMIL, future sister-in-laws, grandmothers, friends, etc. I know for sure I would be spending more than that at the salon at the resort (b/c i would be paying for mothers, grandmothers, etc). and this way we will all be in the honeymoon suite relaxing together!! just some things to think about.....and ways to avoid these stupid fees!!
  13. about photo share cards....is there a website anyone would recommend to share photos at?? and do you basically have your guests all upload the pics they took there and then anyone can access it?? thanks!! and invites.....i am sending both too!! it really is just a formality, so i think it is a personal choice.
  14. January Brides...have a great wedding and trip!! Can't wait to hear all about it!! For shoes, I used zappos.....free shipping both ways for 365 days!!! My fave pair from there are here: http://www.zappos.com/kate-spade-new-york-christa-white-satin Also, check out nordstrom's!! I just bought these to try with my dress and they are pretty cheap as wedding shoes go..... http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/enzo-angiolini-merryann-pump/3060566?origin=category&resultback=6270 Lastly, wanted to let you all know that office depot has johnson's and johnson's first aid kits for $0.91 right now and also has daily spanish for dummies for $0.99!!! Both are going in my OOT bags!! YAY!!
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