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I was thinking that since I too will only be having a small amount of people that I might just by the bows and bring them with me. I think you could get them MUCH cheaper then $240 dollars!


This whole wedding industry just hoses you from every which way!!


If you wouldn't mind posting the other info you got I would love to see it.


Have a great long weekend girls bunny_4.gif


Originally Posted by AshManahan View Post
Happy Saturday everyone. I thought I would share some info that I am trying to laugh about it, though it probably isn't funny. I finally got a long email from Tiffany with some responses to my outstanding quote requests.


Bows for chairs---I have to purchase them for the beach ceremony for people to sit for 20 minutes, and then have to purchase another set for the reception 2 hours later. Come on, how hard is it to move 30 bows 150 feethuh.gif BTW, they are only $4 each.


Champagne---Grace told me I could ship my own in. I don't mind mark ups but $150 for a bottle of $40 Vuelve is ridic! Anywho...yesterday Tiffany tells me that Grace wasn't aware that the Mexican postal system is not good and that it would probably end up lost or late, but if I want to take the chance I can!!!! How funny is that! I wasn't aware that Fed-Ex changed its policies and that Mexico has turned into Colombia ala 1979. So, my question to the gang is, has anyone shipped anything to the resort? I'm thinking of sending a "test" empty box down there next month to see what happens.


If anyone wants the list of other gazebo related prices, let me know and I will post it.

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4 Sheets of colored fabric at $150 each = $600


2 Hanging Corsages without Ivy $60 = $120 (If you would like to have ivy like the picture below the price will be upgraded to $80 per hanging corsage)


1 Colored Aisle Runner = $40


1 Bag of Rose Petals from 12 Roses = $25


Sand Ceremony = $45


27 Turquoise Chair Bows at $4 each = $108


27 Green Chair Bows at $4 each = $108

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Ash, OMG! That's ridiculous!!!


I seriously might just bring my own fabric and bows. I saw thick satin bows tied vertically around the top portion of the chairs that looked adorable and might do that. $600 worth of fabric to drape is pretty absurd too.


If I were you I'd buy a bottle of $2 wine and ship it down to Mexico, just to see if it makes it there. That would be more of an accurate test I think than just an empty box and you could see how many days it takes to get there. I'd love to hear back on your test because I did plan to ship champagne as well :)

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I think I am going to negotiate with them on some of this. I can buy my own for $1- $2 a piece and pay the $50 set up fee....even if they charge me twice, it is still $100 less. I'm going to start looking into the fabric sheers as well.

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Hi Ladies,


I have some price & pic info from my coordinator to share with you all...


First, everyone ready for a laugh?

The large hanging corsages on the Lomas website are $66USD each, and the small chair corsages are $33USD each. I requested pricing for all calla lily hanging corsages, all rose corsages and iris corsages -hold your breath -this is what I got back:


Large Hanging Corsages for the Gazebo:

· White and purple calla lilies = $410 USD each

· White and lavender roses = $120 USD each

· White and purple irises = $120 USD each


Holy Crap!!!! excuse the expletive.... in reality what I said was much worse!

Even my wc freaked out!

I also got a $100 per sheet quote for the fabric for the gazebo.


Also, the sound equipment for the ceremony comes with the silver package. Our ceremony is on the beach, and we were planning on having the cocktail reception in the yoga palapa. They want to charge an extra $250 to move the equipment, what 20 feet? Plus they are charging us another $250 to set up the sound system at our reception, which is another 50 feet away! I can't get over it!


We also have been kiboshed (sp?) on all but two options for our reception dinner (not including the beach) because our group is so small -just 15 total. We can either go into the private Sienna room, which is nice, but is not particularly beachy and only has a view of the garden. Or the Zavas Cocktail terrace -pic attached. We are going with the Terrace, and have been assured they can hang our lanterns across the top -fingers crossed!


Attachment 3966


Anyone had any different info for the sound system?


Thanks and happy sunday!xo




Zavaz Cocktail Terrace.pdf

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Wow, that sounds like what I got from Tiffany. Is she your coordinator? They quoted me $150 for each fabric sheer, so one of ours is definitely wrong. I hope your $100 is right.


I can't wait for my cake quote to come back now.

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That makes me angry that you are only aloud to choose between a few selected places to have your reception just because you are having a small amount of people. With all money that we are spending and bringing people to the resort you would think they would be more accommodating with things and not rape us on the cost of everything!

I guess we are all in the wrong industry ladies...in my next life I am going to come back as someone in the industry!!!

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