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  1. Hi Nicole Yes they suggested that we and 5 people go and not get married. So if we used that as our honeymoon we would have more of a party then a romantic time alone and we don't want that. We already canceled the trip with them and are doing the wedding local now in order for my Aunt and my Grandmother to be there on our special day but the idea of loosing $3000.00 dollars is hard to swallow especially when we still planning a wedding here and could use that money! We booked the wedding so far in advance that we never could have foreseen any of this happening and the fact that we purchased cancelation insurance and it didn't even matter just pisses us off even more.
  2. Hi Ladies, I hope you are all doing well. I am hoping that one of you might be able to give me some advice on something. A while back we had to pull out of going to Mexico because my Aunt got cancer. We did not want her to miss our wedding so without hesitation we canceled our trip. Now we are looking at loosing $3000.00 dollars from the Wedding Holiday because that money was not going toward "our" trip, it was going toward holding spots for 10 people that would go to Mexico for our wedding. We filed a claim through our cancellation insurance but my Aunt's doctor said that since we were going to be getting married in May it was too far away and he didn't want to sign the papers for her even though she would not have gone to the wedding. The only other option that the Wedding Holiday gave us was that if 5 people went with us we would get the $300 dollars from each toward our trip there. Before we call and give it one more try with the Wedding Holiday I wanted to see if anyone here had any suggestions since you were all so helpful.
  3. After a lot of talk and tears (on my part) my FI and I decided on the weekend that we are going to cancel the wedding at Azul because it is just WAY more money then we had thought it would be. When we booked the recession had not yet hit and what we thought was a reasonable price for the resort at the time has become too much for our guests to handle right now. We got the feeling that people were saying they would go but really couldn't afford to and would be strapping themselves to do so. We did not want to put that burden on anyone. The thing that sucks is that we are probably going to loose or $3000.00 dollar deposit!! This forum has been really helpful and all of you ladies are so friendly. I wish you all the best on your day!
  4. The first place that I tried on dresses told me that we could not take pics unless we were going to purchase the dress. When I went to the boutique that I finally ended up getting my dress at I didn't even bother bringing my camera because I figured that all bridal stores were like that. That's ok, I will just take pics when I have my first fitting...should be around November unless it comes in early.
  5. Hey Nikki I think my maid of honor and I are going to go to the Bridal Shower on the 27th as well....maybe we will see you there.
  6. I'm having a problem opening the attachments as well.
  7. Hey Katie...I think you should get whatever YOU like for the dress. It is after all YOUR wedding not anybody else's! I ended up getting a dress that suites my body type (I am curvy too) and my step mother chimed in with the same opinion as your mum did too. I would post the pic of the dress on here for you but for some reason I can't; It is a Maggie Sottero dress and it is called Grace if you wanted to check it out on her website. I have learned that you are not going to please everyone when you are getting married because they all have different opinions then you do so if you want to be happy on your wedding day with the way that things turn out then you just need to stop asking people (FI included) what they think of different ideas and just get what you think will look nice.
  8. WOW...congrats D&E! You have a lot going on right now!!
  9. Hey Allisa can you send me that pic of the Zavaz Cocktail Terrace? For some reason I can't open it. We will be having a small amount of people coming too, right now we are 18 including myself my FI.
  10. That makes me angry that you are only aloud to choose between a few selected places to have your reception just because you are having a small amount of people. With all money that we are spending and bringing people to the resort you would think they would be more accommodating with things and not rape us on the cost of everything! I guess we are all in the wrong industry ladies...in my next life I am going to come back as someone in the industry!!!
  11. I was thinking that since I too will only be having a small amount of people that I might just by the bows and bring them with me. I think you could get them MUCH cheaper then $240 dollars! This whole wedding industry just hoses you from every which way!! If you wouldn't mind posting the other info you got I would love to see it. Have a great long weekend girls Quote: Originally Posted by AshManahan Happy Saturday everyone. I thought I would share some info that I am trying to laugh about it, though it probably isn't funny. I finally got a long email from Tiffany with some responses to my outstanding quote requests. Bows for chairs---I have to purchase them for the beach ceremony for people to sit for 20 minutes, and then have to purchase another set for the reception 2 hours later. Come on, how hard is it to move 30 bows 150 feet BTW, they are only $4 each. Champagne---Grace told me I could ship my own in. I don't mind mark ups but $150 for a bottle of $40 Vuelve is ridic! Anywho...yesterday Tiffany tells me that Grace wasn't aware that the Mexican postal system is not good and that it would probably end up lost or late, but if I want to take the chance I can!!!! How funny is that! I wasn't aware that Fed-Ex changed its policies and that Mexico has turned into Colombia ala 1979. So, my question to the gang is, has anyone shipped anything to the resort? I'm thinking of sending a "test" empty box down there next month to see what happens. If anyone wants the list of other gazebo related prices, let me know and I will post it.
  12. Good advice Katie! My FI has been saying we should just go to Vegas to get married and call off the whole "Mexico thing" off so we don't have to deal with all this. In a way I understand where he is coming from because then we wouldn't have to plan (or I should say I plan LOL) and listen to people say how they are going to wait to book because it is a lot of money and they might be able to get it cheaper if they wait but I think I would miss the whole planning like a mad women so I tell him to just wait and be patient. Not too long now..
  13. Has anyone looked at the option of getting another DJ from Mexico to come into the resort for the wedding? Wondering if the same five hundred dollar charge would apply to them like if you are bring in a outside photog.....
  14. welcome to one of the most helpful places on earth MrsVaughn2B! lol
  15. Welcome to the family AshManahan! All the girls on this site are VERY helpful :-)