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Justin and Danielle's wedding review..Finally!!!! (villa in cabo)

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Ok guys I can't write as long as a review as I would like because work has been crazy but I will give you the main points. And I finally have pictures!!!!


Sunset weddings: Absolutly incredible!!!!!!!!! We worked with Tara Freeman and she rocks! Totally attentive and just a kick in the pants, totally love this girl!


Lazy Gourmet Catering: Rocked as well. They hooked us up with the cigar roller (totally worth it), the cake, and the mariachis. All were wonderful, very professional and VERY GOOD!


Reverend Scott Parsons: well I hope you all read my earlier review on him, if not, don't book him!!! He never showed up. But we had another minister who was perfect. I don't know her name but she was exactly what we hoped for.


The El Encanto Inn: Oh my god!!! Some of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Loved the staff, very detail oriented, and honestly one of the cleanest places I have ever seen in my life! Everything was absolutly beautiful! It could not have been more perfect.


My best advice....roll with the punches, and don't worry about details beacuse you will be having to much fun to notice and no one else will I promise!!


Finally the pics. Click on Justin and Danielle 1-13-2007. I will try to post more about everything later!

PhotoReflect - Summit Photography

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