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  1. Hello Kat / Kbyrne2707, I hope you are well, I am DJ Mijares my account is not currently working so I got a chance to reply from this account. I received a few emails from clients and coworkers mentioning there was a disappointed bride posting on the forum so I decided to take a look, honestly I was impressed that you had written this post, which was obviously done with the intention of harming my work and reputation, you have also posted a link to a review that happened a few years ago where I did accept that it had been my mistake, but if you read the reply below that post you would've noticed that I made it up for that bride and at the end she was a happy client. In your case I feel I didn't make any mistakes neither was I unprofessional, I replied to all your emails on time, I was very clear to you about my contract and deposit policies to hold the date from the beginning to the end. I have been part of this forum for a long time and I think its a great tool for all brides and grooms to meet people that are in their same situation, compare venues, vendors, talk about their experiences etc, as long as it is used properly. In every situation there are two sides of a story, below you will find the dates in which I received your emails and the dates when I replied. I have the emails that can prove it in case there is doubt. Here are the facts: August 21st 2012 email sent from Kat to Dj Mijares: You mentioning someone had recommended you my services and you wanted to know if I was available on April 27th, 2013. August 22nd 2012 Dj Mijares reply: explaining that I already had the date booked but one of my partners could provide the service for you. Aug 22, 2012 Kat: asked if I was personally available for April 26th, that the music was a very important part of your wedding and that you were considering bringing your own Dj from Chicago. Aug 22nd, 2012 Dj Mijares: I replied saying I was available for April 26 and I would be happy to work for you I also sent my rates, the equipment I included and in case you needed I also offered my guitar service and lighting, I mentioned I had some packages in case you decided to hire many of my services. Same date different emails: I sent you some of my new demos that were not on my webpage, you mentioned you were not receiving them so I sent them from my hotmail account. Aug 23rd 2012 Kat: confirmed you had received the demos and that you were currently traveling and that you would know more after you met with Cabo venues, you mentioned you would reach out soon. Kat Aug 29th, 2012: mentioned she was back in Chicago after looking at Cabo wedding venues and that April 26th 2013 would not work with your 1st choice for wedding venue Cabo del Sol and you asked if I was available May 3rd 2013. Dj Mijares Aug 29, 2012: I replied I was available. Kat Aug 29th, 2012: said that was great and that hopefully you would confirm the date within a week but again you mentioned you were trying to decide wether to use your "friend/professional Dj from Chicago or pay for a Cabo DJ" you asked if my rates were negotiable. Dj Mijares Aug 28th, 2012: I said yes depending on the number of hours and the services you hire. Kat Aug 29th, 2012: asked if I could send my hourly rate for the different number of hours. Dj Mijares Sept 3rd, 2012: I sent you my fees for Dj service, guitar, led lights and robotic lights. Kat Sept 4th, 2012: asked if I could send you my package fees and a sample of the contract that I send to my clients. Dj Mijares Sept 4th, 2012: I sent you my packages and the sample contract attached. Kat Sept 4th, 2012: mentioned she did not received the attached contract. Dj Mijares Sept 5th, 2012: I sent the contract from my hotmail account. Kat Sept 20th, 2012: mentioned she was about to sign contract with Cabo del Sol next week and that you would be ready to look at vendors contract, you mentioned some of the info in the contract (hours, venue) were not correct. Dj Mijares Sept 20th, 2012: I replied that the information in the contract would be changed and that was just the contract sample that you had requested to see, I was also very clear that once you decided to hire me and confirm my services I "would need to a 50% deposit and a signed contract to hold the date for you" Kat Oct 14th, 2012: apologized she had not replied to my previous email and mentioned she would be interested in listening to some of my guitar demos as she had already spoken to someone else about this service and hadn't realized I provided this service as well, you mentioned you would like to sign your preferred vendor contracts to hold the date but that first you needed to finalize and make other decisions first, you asked if I would be willing to tentativly hold the date for you without contract or deposit and in case someone else requested the date to let you know first, "meaning give us the opportunity to pay your deposit first if someone else requests the same date" Same day different email: You asked if you could pay with credit card. DJ Mijares Oct 14th, 2012: I explained I had guitar demos on my webpage and I offered that service during the ceremony and cocktail hour and I could learn any specific song request that you had. I also mentioned you could pay me with credit card and that "I could only hold the date for you with a signed contract and deposit, that was my policy to all my clients" Kat Nov 12th, 2012: I received an email mentioning you were planning to come to Cabo on Dec 14th, 2012 to meet with potential vendors/ sign contracts for your wedding on May 3rd 2013 and if I was available to meet with you sometime that weekend. Dj Mijares Nov 12th, 2012: I replied I had a wedding on Sat 15th but I could meet with you Friday or Sunday just let me know what time. Kat Nov 15th 2012: You replied just let me know if afternoon or early evening is better, just trying to play around other appointments. Kat Nov 19th, 2012: You were checking in because you were planning other appointments around ours and the recommendation was to work with me and not an assistant, you wanted to confirm day and time for the meeting. Dj Mijares Nov 20th, 2012: I replied I would be there not my assistant on Friday at 6, please let know where? Kat Nov 21st 2012: You replied asking where would be the best place to meet since you would like to listen to me play the guitar, or maybe I could just bring a demo to the meeting. Dj Mijares Nov 21st, 2012: I replied we could meet at your hotel lobby and would bring my guitar. Kat Nov 21st, 2012: You said that would be perfect and you gave me your hotel name. Kat Dec 14th, 2012: You wrote you were in Cabo and confirmed the meeting. Dj Mijares Dec 14th, 2012: I confirmed the meeting for today at 6 at your hotel. During the meeting Dec 14, 2012: You listened to my Dj demos, I showed you photos from weddings where I had provided lighting service, I played guitar demos for you, etc... you explained you were still considering on bringing your Dj friend from Chicago and that you would make a decision soon and you would let me know. During the meeting I felt you were not sure of who you wanted to work with, you also called me by the name of one of my colleague DJ friends in Cabo by mistake which made me think you were also looking at other options, which is totally fine to compare and meet as many vendors as you need until you find the one you feel comfortable with. So as you can see on previous emails to the meeting we never talked about bringing the finalized contract to the meeting, neither you gave me a deposit during the meeting to hold the date. Days passed and I didn't hear from you, you didn't sent me an email confirming you wanted me to provide Dj service for your wedding, neither you ask for the contract or provide a deposit to hold the date...... Between the waiting period of time I received an email from a bride requesting my services for her wedding, she signed the contract and made the deposit. Jan 2nd, 2013 Wedding Coordinator: Sent me an email informing me she would coordinate the wedding for Kat and she would like to re cap the service hours and rate. Jan 2nd, 2013 Dj Mijares: I replied I had already sent my rates to Kat on previous emails, but I was no longer available to work for her wedding, I mentioned the Dj service could be provided by one of my partners in case she would like that. I explained I never received an email from Kat confirming she wanted to work with me, neither a request to sign the contract or a deposit to hold the date after our meeting in December. Jan 2nd 2013 Kat: Sent me an email mentioning her wedding coordinator had just informed her I had changed my mind and I was no longer available for her wedding and she was disappointed and was expecting to receive a contract from me. Jan 3rd, 2013 Dj Mijares: I replied I had not changed my mind, I explained that during the meeting I felt she had doubts about hiring my services since she mentioned she was still thinking about bringing her own Dj from Chicago and that she never sent me an email after the meeting confirming she had made her decision to work with me, asking me for the contract neither she made a deposit to save the date. I apologized and I explained I had already signed a contract with another couple. Jan 3rd, 2013 Kat: Replied that during the meeting she mentioned they were planning to hire me and I was supposed to send the contract, she didn't sent me an email to confirm my service after the meeting because she thought I was traveling to see family for the holidays and didnt wanted to pressure me. She mentioned she was very upset and asked if I could make things right. I do not recall saying I would be traveling with family.... and receiving a confirmation email from someone that wants to work with me will never feel like pressure, even when I travel I try to take some time to answer my emails, call clients, etc. I consider my self a professional person with years of experience and clients that can back up my work, this doesn't mean I am perfect and I don't make mistakes, but if I make a mistake I accept it and take full responsibility for it, I try to make it up to my client, but I don't think it is fair to accuse someone and lie about a situation just because things didn't end up the way we wanted. I respect and appreciate all my clients, they all deserve the same attention and service this is why it doesn't matter if we have been exchanging emails for a week or two months, it doesn't matter if you represent more or less money, I work in a first come first serve basis, if you sign the contract first and make the deposit I guarantee I will be in your wedding doing my best to entertain you and your guests!! Have a nice day, Best Regards Dj Mijares
  2. Hi Ambularose, They are both great Dj´s. I havent heard of Dj Funkle but maybe he can give you references of his work. I hope you find what you need. Good luck!
  3. I wasnt able to reply from my account so a friend made me the favor of letting me use her account. Hello Pinkbride 2011 First of all I would like to appologize for the situation and offer you an explenation, I consider my self a professional person that likes to have happy clients, I have been a wedding Dj and guitar player for over 10 years and I can proudly say that 99% of my clients are pleased with my work. Last year during July I met with a couple here in Cabo and we signed a contract for their 6-11-11 wedding, when I received the email from the hotel I was already booked for 6-11-11, I confirmed my attendance because as guitar player the timing didnt interfiere with the other wedding but I made a huge mistake I didnt specify that the Dj service would be done by one of my partners, I assume my responsability and I know how you feel I understand this is a very important day of your life and you want everything to be perfect, I would really like to make it up for this mistake I know an apology is not enough this is why I offered the hotel to give you free sound system in case you brought your own DJ from CA or in case you accpeted to have my partner as your DJ I would only charge for the ceremony and guitar service during the cockatil hour and not for the DJ service. I would also like you to know that I didnt change your wedding for a better deal I am a professional person I wouldnt do that, I offer the same rate to everyone, all of my clients receive a signed contract with terms and policies that guarantee my service and attendance. I hope we can work out something I would really like you to be happy and satisfied on your wedding day. I have been a member of this forum since 2006 and I have worked with a lot of brides that belong to this forum you can get more positive comments of me and my work than negative comments. I apologize once again and I am very sorry this happened.... Please give me your email address or contact me directly, here is my email address: djmijaress@prodigy.net.mx Best Regards Dj Mijares
  4. I`m sure they both must be very good Dj`s I`ve always heard good comments about them !!
  5. I`m glad everything was cleared out, I knew it had to be a mistake! With all his experience, trajectory and references the only answer had to be a huge mistake. As Marco mentioned he is not only a great Dj (vendor) but he is also a great person, always flexible with a great attitude towards everything, always positive and happy to help. In this business you take notice of everything and you can easily tell when something`s true or not regarding vendors specially when they have been doing it for such a long time in different resorts, companies, etc. Good luck to everyone!!!
  6. It`s very sad to hear this, and I`m pretty sure it is all a mistake, Dj Mijares is one of the best in Los Cabos area, he has really good references from many wedding companies and hotels like One & Only Palmilla, El Dorado, Sunset Da Monalisa, Cabo del Sol, etc. he is a very professional person and has even worked with celebrities. I think it will be a good idea to check and clear this out. You could ask for references in different locations or even ask him for refrences from other brides or coordinators that you could contact. I`m sure there are lots of good Dj`s in Los Cabos and he is one of them for sure! This must be a big mistake.
  7. You can find good Dj´s in the forum. Here is some info: Dj Mijares .J Mijares:. Dj Music, Guitar Performing, Los Cabos México. aamijaress@hotmail.com Good luck!
  8. They had a meeting on Saturday but didn´t come to an agreement, it´s true Taxis are still our only choice.
  9. Ana I think we all feel bad for your experience, and it´s a good idea if you want to book your vendors it´s really not that hard specially with all the information you can find in this forum, there are so many vendors available for every service of your wedding that you will be able to choose at the end the one you like the most! If you´ld like I could also give you a list of different vendors for transportation, horses, etc maybe they are the same that you have but maybe there are some new, you can contact them check prices, availability, etc. If you are intrested please send me a PM with your email address. Have a nice day!
  10. I have worked on weddings that bring their own Dj you can contact any Dj on the forum they would probably have or know where to get the equipment you want, I have done this with Dj Mijares
  11. You can contact any Dj in the forum for this service, here is the contact from Dj Mijares .J Mijares:. Dj Music, Guitar Performing, Los Cabos México. djmijaress@prodigy.net.mx
  12. I will also recomend Dj Mijares he has a lot of experience and knows how to make people dance. Here is his website .J Mijares:. Dj Music, Guitar Performing, Los Cabos México.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by twixygrl I sent an email two days ago, and another one tonight. I think I received the first email on a friday and the other one on a Sunday, I could not answer right away beacuse I had 2 wedding that weekend but if im not wrong the email was responded on Monday. I just want to speak for me and for the rest of the wedding coordinators and wedding companies, some times we receive the emails but we have a wedding next weekend or the weekend that we received the emails on and it doesnt mean that your wedding is less important than the other ones, but we coordinators know when we have enough time to plan, or to answer I know it`s hard to ask a bride that is far away and desperate to be calm, but some times we coordinators are looking for the information you requested or trying to find different options to satisfy you and thats why it takes a little longer but please don`t judge us from the beginig we will answer your emails and try to be responsive.
  14. Hello, I am having some problems with my website email, I have been receiving a lot of spam and trash, so please feel free to email me at carlacabowed@hotmail.com hopefully my regular mail carla@cabolovelyweddings.com will be working soon.
  15. Dear Neighbor, Why can`t you keep your trash together and tell your 3 spoiled kids to stop throwing things in to my yard, my dogs bite them and make a big desaster without mentioning that they can get sick!
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