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  1. Here are a few pictures. Our Photog still needs to finish editing our pictures, but here's a preview. It was magical, perfect and better than I ever dreamt of as a little girl! I HIGHLY recommend Cabo Azul Resort (specifically Georgina their coordinator), DJ Mijares, and Marcel with Glez Photography. I will write a review when I've caught up on work and life! June 11, 2011 will always be a day for us to remember!
  2. DJ Mijares, Thank you for providing a solution to your dilemna.... we are optimisitc and grateful for your professionalism and response. We understand people make mistakes and you are doing your best to provide a remedy. Thank you for alleviating this stress from us. We have informed Georgina of our acceptance of your offer. Again, thank you for your help, sincerity and diligence. I will private message you shortly.
  3. Thanks Donie.... it is frustrating, scary and disappointing. DJ Mijares was also supposed to play classic guitar during our wedding and cocktail reception. We did contact DJ Ricardo and he's booked. : ( I guess that's the downfall of being a June bride, it's the most popular wedding month. Thanks for the band suggestion, but we're not really band people.... we're hoping the resort will assume some responsibility and wave the equipment fee so our dj will be more affordable/comparble to DJ Mijares' fee and we'll be able to afford another guitarist. Cross your fingers for us!
  4. Hey Ladies, We just found out on Friday that DJ Mijares is unable to do our wedding. We've had him booked since September and he is just NOW telling us he "double-booked" himself. We're so upset bc music is really important to us and our guests. We booked him in the fall before picking out our cake, flowers or decorations bc we wanted to be sure to have the best. Six months later he tells us sorry, but he'll send his friend in his place for a $200 discount- how generous. Thanks but no thanks. We've contacted 5+DJ's that are recommended on this site, all of them are booked. All my friends think he got offered more money to do someone else's wedding. I'll never know.... but now we're scrambling to replace him. We may fly in a dj from CA, but that's a budget expense we didn't see coming! This is one of those times I wish we'd eloped. If you girls have any recommendations please let me know!
  5. Ours are due today and so far we have responses for 26 of our 42 sent. I'm not expecting one from the people that have verbally said no. We have about 13 more that are still "maybe", they've verbally told us yes or haven't said anything either way, but they haven't mailed anything to us. Today I am sending an email through our wedding website reminding them it is the due date... we have a tool that lets them RSVP on our site. I plan to give them until the 8th before I actually call them for their answer. Some people are just really unorganized and forget due dates. I think a reminder call or email is ok. Good luck. I totally understand. I've waited to order OOT stuff and wedding favors until I know for sure. I'm so glad I have bc we've had some unexpected RSVPs so far.
  6. All I can say is hang in there and stay positive!!! I posted this message to vent (a long time ago) bc I didn't want to voice it to anyone that I knew or that would be attending the wedding.... and I'm so glad I didn't. There has been a huge turn of events. Most of the people we originally were told are not attending, are actually coming after all!! Unfortunately, one of the women miscarried, which I truly am sorry for and my heart goes out to her. Another one of the women thought she was pregnant, but turned out not to be... so they're coming too. In the end... our wedding is about 38 ppl, which is a perfect (for us) size wedding and by keeping quiet and positive to everyone else, I didn't hurt anyone's feelings or ruin their desire to come. Staying positive goes a long way.... I have to thank this forum for letting me vent without making the situation worse and for all the encouraging responses. I'm sorry for your experience.... I think you are smart to realize who wants to be happy for you and who isn't able or willing. Concentrate on the good friends and forget the rest. Good luck, I hope it all starts to look "up" soon!
  7. I have my shoot in 2 weeks..... I hope they come out as great as yours did. : )
  8. I know I've forgotten to list a lot of the things I've done.....like the wedding bands, long done! : ) I've been planning since last September, I've had wedding on my brain for soooo long, I just want to get married already. I'm sure you'll do just fine, hopefully you have a good wedding party to help. BTW- congrats! If I think of anything else I'll send you a suggestion.
  9. Hello, I'm a June 11th bride too. Last week I submitted a list of songs for our dj to play, along with a do not play list. I sent an agenda to the photographer telling him where to be the day of wedding and what shots I want. I also made my day of wedding schedule. I just ordered my welcome gifts, the men's ties (they already have suits) and decorations for the tables. Already done: Flights and hotel booked, Dress (being altered), Veil (on order), shoes, makeup, MOH dress, flowers, decor decided, menu chosen, dj, photographer, officiant, guest list, invitations, RSVP's (all but 10 returned), wedding favors, songs (precessional, bride walk down aisle, 1st dance), cake ordered, welcome party, rehearsal, and meeting scheduled with the coordinator when we arrive..... and honeymoon, but that is 6 months later. : ) I still need to get wedding jewelry, assemble the welcome bags with welcome note/events, schedule spa appts for day of wedding, find the table runners for the reception, make the programs, menus and escort cards. I hope that helps. Where are you getting married? We're arriving the Tuesday the 7th so we can make sure everything is taken care of before our friends and family get in. Good luck! I can't wait for June 11th to get here already!!!
  10. I've always worked with Georgina, and only worked with Bertha when she's been out. I'm a little nervous about wether they'll be overwhelmed covering for her. Due to this we're getting a day of coordinator. How's it going otherwise Lisa? I'm in full detail mode now, making lists and instruction sheets. I feel like I'm the most neurotic bride ever. LOL.
  11. Hey Lisa, We told guests April 1st. Our room block is open until April 30th. We wanted to have plenty of time to contact people that didn't RSVP (some people are not good at this) and possibly invite other friends that understood family got priority. I think 2-4 weeks before your room block closes is the safest way to do it. : )
  12. Thanks! Everyone has different taste, I'm sure you're will look great, fancy or not. I'm just glad I had the patience to do them myself, it really does take quite a bit! Good luck!
  13. Thank you so much for your feedback! It was actually really fun for me to do, some parts were tedious, but overall I enjoyed it! The jewels are my favorite part too.
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