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WOW! We close in 24 hours!


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I can't believe it's almost here... we close tomorrow AM! Our final walk-through is tonight (before the Lost finale - like I'd miss that! wink.gif) I can't believe we're going to be homeowners!


Ah, the great American dream of being completely, totally in debt! rockon.gif


Here's our cutie patootie house - I LOVE it!!!!

Click the image to open in full size.


I can't WAIT to have the following (which I don't have at the apt):


- Back yard with deck - I'm seriously going to spend a TON of time out there

- Bath Tub! I'm so taking a bath tomorrow night!


The internet at the apt is disconnected today at midnight and we won't have comcast out to the house till Friday late afternoon...so I'll talk to you all again when we're in the house! WOOHOO!!!

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Heidi that's awesome! I don't know what I would do without my bath tub, so I'm really excited for you! Congrats! You know we're going to need more photos once you move in wink.gif Good luck with the move girl!

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Heidi, there is no greater feeling than signing that piece of paper when you close on a house and saying, I'm a homeowner!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Lovely house, by the way :) :) :) smile03.gif

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yay!!! we bought our house in 2005 & love it! esp not having to pay rent anymore, that is the best. well, including the awesome tax returns at the end of the year. those help out a lot too! your home looks great. have fun bbqing all summer!

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