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Wedding Dress Transportation Idea

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So my wedding dress is huge, its a big ball gown with a giant tulle skirt. Here is a picture of a similar dress, mine is the same but without the beading on top.

David's Bridal - Bridal Gowns CU099 Beaded bodice features full Tulle skirt.


The dress is so big, it literally stands on its own and when in its garment bag, it is the size of a full person, so the storage closet on the airplane is out of the question, especially since I have to drag the darn thing through the airport to get there. I'm not sure if anyone else has done this, but I bought one of those extra large space bags, the ones you suck with air out of with a vacuum. I just did a test run, put my dress, wrapped in a sheet inside and sucked all the air out of it. The bag turned out to be about the size of a normal pillow, which is a perfect size for a carry on. The great thing about all this tulle is that when we get to Mexico, with its 800% humudity, it should straighten out enough to just need a bit of pressing. This should work in theory, just wondering if anyone has actually done this?

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I would think it would wrinkle a little much -- but if you are getting there early and can hang it out to breathe ... that might work. Let us know!!! Mine traveled relatively wrinkle free and I didn't even press it before the wedding it looked so good!

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