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Hi there -


I am very interested in the Iberostar ParaisoDel Mar and Iberostar Paraiso Lindo. Is there anyone else that has either looked into this resort, or gotten married here? My travel agent says this is a great resort for what I'm looking for (family friendly, great resort but not budget friendly for everyone...). I have not seen a ton of information on this resort so am looking for information, tips, suggestions, etc.


I'm getting married in four months so want to finalize asap!




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Hey there,


I'm an Iberostar bride myself (in the DR).

I have stayed at several Ibero chains and will say, over and over again, it is TOP notch. Creme de la creme, fi you will.

While it may not be the MOST budget friendly, you DEFINITELY DEFINITELY get your bang for your buck.

After staying at an Iberostar, you feel so spoiled that traveling to a different resort can sometimes suck. LOL.

It's first-class, all the way. :)

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FYI, when you want to finalize your wedding date at the Iberostar Paraiso, you have to fax or email a scanned copy of your and your fiance's ID and credit card. The fax number is on the site. We are looking at the Iberostar Paraiso as well. There are lots of pics on this site and on IBEROSTAR BOARD - IBEROSTAR RESORT REVIEWS, PHOTOS & RESTAURANT MENUS. Happy planning!

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I have been to the Iberostar in Cozumel...and I would say it is definintely not deluxe...and the Lindo, Maya, Beach, Del Mar, Quetzel and Tucan are all MUCH, MUCH nicer!

I was there a few weeks ago, and the Maya and Lindo properties are beautiful - the grounds are spectacular with great beach and pools :)

I think Lindo is a good choice, though a little pricier for your guests than the Del Mar or Paraiso Beach.

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Originally Posted by Tracy View Post
I think Lindo is a good choice, though a little pricier for your guests than the Del Mar or Paraiso Beach.
If you think the Lindo prices might be an issue for your guests, the Del Mar may be the better option. If you decide to have your wedding at the Lindo and your guests want to stay at the Del Mar or beach because it is cheaper they can't come to the wedding without purchasing a guest pass for the day. You would have to decide if that is something you want to pay for, or have that be their responsibility if they choose not to stay at the Lindo or Maya. The Grand is the most expensive and is adults only, but if your guests stay there they can go to any of the hotels without needing a pass.
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