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  1. Given the current state of the economy its probably not the best timing but something like a real-estate agent? Or maybe something like insurance sales agent?
  2. I feel very very sad for her. In your shoes I would just ignore her while I'm there. Chances are she would not try to do anything too stupid in front of all your guests.
  3. My face tends not to react well with sunblock. I usually break out on vacations and such. One of the things I did a few months before the wedding is try differnt sunblocks and moisturizers with sunblock to make sure that my skin can handle it. The LAST thing you want on your wedding day is a great big pimple. I also got a base tan to ensure that I wasn't burned and had no tan lines.
  4. Am I the only one that thinks that all three of Hef's girls are complete tarts? Bridgitte appears to be very sweet but Kendra is about as stupid as they come....Holly always struck me as a Beatch. As far as her and Chris Angel, I'm not sure who is getting the short end of the stick there.....
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by paraisobeachbride2009 Hello ladies! I'm new to the board but just thought I'd toss my name out here! My name is Kathy and my FI and I got engaged on Aug 19/08 and we're getting married at the Iberostar Paraiso Beach on Feb 19/09 (six months to the day! I didn't even request that date, I guess it's fate haha). So I'm working on a tight deadline here! Are there any past/present/future Iberostar Paraiso Beach brides out here that can answer all of my silly questions? Planning my wedding is exciting and stressful all at once, all day I've been feeling like I'm going to vomit (sorry TMI I know). I'm sure I'll be a nervous wreck when the big day finally comes lol. Hi, I got married at the del mar (which is the same thing as the beach). Feel free to ask me any questions. I can't be guaranteed to check this thread very often so PM me if you don't get a response very quickly.
  6. Hi I'm from TO. I can not recommend my TA as I was really not very happy with her, but feel free to ask away about anything else. Happy planning!
  7. I really think you should just forget about it. She was invited to a party, she chose not to come. Its her choice. She probably knows you are upset about it and you re-iterating it will not really do anything. I have a rule that I do not attend ANY events on long weekends as we usually try to be away for those weekends. I have skipped showers/weddings/birthdays etc because of this. If someone confronted me about it after the fact I'd just tell them that I appreciate the invite but honesly its a party, attendance is not manditory!
  8. I generally never post about these things but I'm sooo excited I just can't contain myself!!! As background info-I have 3 Best Girlfriends who are all single and decided to go on a road trip this summer accross the US ending up in San Fran. DH and I were going to fly out for a few days and meet them in Vegas right around my Birthday. So their vacation was scheduled around us, so we can celebrate my birthday together. DH and I have unfortunately had to back out of making definate plans due to the fact that his dad is extremely ill. I'm a huge birthday person, so to me, the fact that my BFFs were all going on vacation and were ALL going to be away for both weekends around my birthday (its midweek) really bummed me out. Plus the fact that I really felt left out of this great fun trip they were going on. So yesterday my DH came upto me and said that my (early) birthday present is an all expense paid holiday with my girlfriends in San Fran for my birthday weekend!!!!! I'm soooo excited! He is just the BEST ever!
  9. We invited Dh's 2 sets of parents and my parents. We had a lunch afterwards and that was the end of it. Everyone was happy and it wasn't a spectacle. I didn't invite any siblings (that would have been another 15 people).
  10. I'd be upfront about the $100 fee and tell them that the policy is that they may not be able to come and let them make the decision. Its their vacation and if they want to save their money its completely up to them, but they should have all the info straight up.
  11. My DH was involved in wedding planning only when it came to being negative and cheap. I had to FIGHT for 1 1/2 years to get him to wear a tux for the cermony (not reception, just the ceremony). Anything that cost any money was ney-sayd from the get go. Our videographer is still a going joke around our friends and family. When I booked the videographer and told DH that it was going to be like $900 he just lost it on me. He didn't see why we needed one as that's what the guests were for and besides for that kind of money he could buy two cameras and hire two locals for 6 hours to video everything. As you can imagine that was a fun night at our house! At the end of the wedding he turned to me and said "you see, our wedding was the simplest, stressless, least planning experience ever". Thank god my BF and MOH led me away from him very very quickly because things could have turned very ugly then. All I can say to you ladies is that involving your FI is a giant mistake. Don't tell them what's happening, where its happening and how much things cost. I always say that our wedding planning would have been a dream if he wasn't involved in it.
  12. I think when you chose to do a DW you have to be prepared that some of your closest friends will not be able to make it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Couples is an adults only resort. I could totally see that they may not want to come to your DW for various reasons one of which will be their kids. My sister was very clear with me that if we had a DW she could only come with her kids so I chose an apropriate resort to accomodate that. As well, Florida is a cheaper destination, and perhaps her hubby or herself just don't like Jamaica. I think that talking to her about this will just create akwardness and tension. I say you drop it and be very greatful that she went out of her way to do very wonderful things for you prior to the wedding. I'm sorry if I'm being harsh but I just don't see what good "discussing" her choice of how to spend money or vacation time will do. Again its just my opion so please take it with a grain of salt.
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