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I finished my first aid kits!

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I finally finished my first aid kits.... Here they are!

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

I got the cover design off BDW somewhere.. I can't remember who it belongs to, but thanks!

My pill bottles I got at Dollarama in the sewing section, and just used stickers for the front and back. The front has the pill type as you can see and the back has the dosage instructions.... I was proud of myself... I am NOT a good do-it-yourselfer.... Here's my templates if anyone wants them!





instruction labels.doc

med stickers.ppt

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Cute! The picture was found by StephanieMN & I stuck a template on the forum. I like your idea for the pill boxes. I think guests will use these little first aid kits again for trips. I saved one for myself & I'll definitly pack it on future trips.

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We learned from our recently completed trip, you can't have too much imodium! I took 6 pills in just a couple of hours; it was like eating candy - no effect whatsoever. People in our group used lots of imodium and quite a bit of the pepto bismol tablets, also. One girl went through 3 of the bandaid packs (luckily I had brought along extras!).

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