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Moon Palace 2008 & 2009 Brides - POST HERE!

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Originally Posted by KBMD12309 View Post
I live in NY and was wondering if my marriage in Mexico is going to be legal when i get back! Does anyone wknow this answer??
Hey KBMD! It depends if you're doing a legal ceremony or not - the MP offers legal and non-legal ceremonies. Do you know which you're doing? The wedding types are Civil, Catholic, and Symbolic.

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Originally Posted by nibsmom View Post
Hey KBMD! It depends if you're doing a legal ceremony or not - the MP offers legal and non-legal ceremonies. Do you know which you're doing? The wedding types are Civil, Catholic, and Symbolic.
Yes I am doing to Civil so it should be legal Im just afraid that NY state wont recognize it. I think every state has their own rules regarding outside of the country weddings sad.gif I leave on Sunday you would think i researched this s bit more haha. oh well

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Hey ladies! Does anyone know if MP has you sign something (like a cute certificate etc.) if you do the symbolic ceremony? I still want to have those pics and sign something since we won't be telling our guests that we'll be legally married before we go down...

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Hi everyone I posted this review as a new thread but also thaught I would post it here.


I hope this is helpful. I just got back on saturday and had a great trip.


Here 's my review.


I got married at the Moon Palace golf and Spa resort near Cancun on Dec 31st. It was amazing!!! I would recommend this resort to anyone. And would definitely go back.

I will try to post a couple pictures later.


Review of the Moon Palace:

We had 28 guests from age 7 months to age 82. They all had a great time for the week at the moon palace. Some people just stayed at the resort and had a great time. Others did the tours. We did Chitchen Itza, I would recommend it it is definitely worth seeing. (it is a 2 hour bus ride each way, bring drinks from the mini bar) We also did Paradise snorkeling, which I would also recommend I've never snorkeled before but would definitely do it again. A few people in our group also did the Isla Mujeres tour and said it was worth it. At the resort there is sailing and kayaking which some people in our group did. And also the nightly entertainment. I enjoyed the Michael Jackson show and the Pirate show. Everyone had a great week.


The rooms were very nice and clean. The jacuzzi in the room is a very nice touch. Our room had a great view of the ocean. And so did our guests who were in a different building. We were all in the nizuc side and it seemed like most buildings had a view of the ocean.


I read reviews on trip advisor that said the seaweed was a problem on the beach. I disagree there was seaweed, but this was not a problem. They clean it up as best they can. And no one in our group complained about this once. (And in my opinion, yes the beach in cancun at the beach palace has beautiful turquoise water and no seaweed but there is not much of a beach! it is one hotel after the other. At the moon palace the beach stretches on and on, no hotels on either side)


It was full to capacity when we were there during the new years week. But it didn't feel crowded and there wasn't much of a wait at most restaurants. The food at all of the restaurants was good. We liked Aricifes(Nizuc lobby) and my favorite was the asian restaurant at the golf club.


Now for the info I know everyone wants. The wedding stuff. :)


Meeting with wedding coordinator

The meeting with the wedding coordinator was on the day after we arrived. It took about 2 hours to make all the decisions on flowers etc. We knew what we wanted ahead of time so we thought it would go pretty quick. We ran in to a bit of a snag... when she said she didn't get our email that said we wanted a private reception and because it was new years eve this was not possible! ( we had emailed her several times starting 2 months before and never heard back!) So when she said this I was very upset. But it worked out in the end. She finally agreed that we could have the reception if it started at 4 instead of 6 (which turned out to be a blessing because there wasn't a long break in between the cocktail and reception, and also the pictures during the speeches was still sunny and the sun was setting during the final few speeches which made for really nice pics). I'm telling you this not so that you will all get upset and think that you will not get everything you planned. I am mentioning this so that you can relax. They honestly will give you everything you want. They don't email back which is frustrating, but they will work everything out once you get there. Our day was new years eve, so it was special circumstances and they still gave us everything we wanted.


Welcome dinner:

Was at Aricifes restaurant in the nizuc lobby. Another slight problem.... somehow our reservation was lost. I don't know how, but I don't think this is common. I would just recommend that on the day of your welcome dinner go early and wait in line and make sure that your close to the front of the line so that if they do somehow lose your reservation like ours you will still get in. It wasn't quite what we wanted but it still worked out because we were at the front of the line we got 3 tables for all of us close together without any problem. And after we told the wedding coordinater the next day they lost our reservation we got to have a farewell dinner at the barracuda restaurant next to the sunrise pool. Which was great.


Wedding day:

Was wonderful! Absolutely wonderful!

Hair appointments 8 am (they opened the salons early for us the salon representative Reyna Nuñez Olivera was extremely helpful) My hair looked great. I wanted half up half down so it would get to frizzy in the humidity They did a great job. I would recommend if you know that you want a flower in your hair ahead of time make sure you tell your wedding coordinater at the meeting. I eventually got a flower, but it was difficult.

11 am wedding ceremony at tucan gazebo. Beautiful. We did unity candle ceremony which was no problem (only difficult to light candles with the breeze off the ocean. :) ) Oh and definitely do the horse and carriage. Our guests said it was an amazing entrance.

Pictures then 12- 2 cocktail party with mariachi band. I would recommend this. Our guests loved the mariachi. the cocktail was on the venado terrace which is close to the tucan gazebo.

Then reception from 4 til 9. on the tucan terrace. And we had the photographer come back for our speeches and first dance and cake cutting etc. I would recommend this, we got the upgraded photo package (superior package I think) which included 2 hours of reception. Then we all went to the new years eve ball to celebrate New Years.


Pictures and dvd:

The photographer was great. The pictures turned out great and the dvd was also really good. We got the whole ceremony on video and also the picture session. Then the reception is also all on the dvd. If you're worried about using the resort photographer, don't be. Our pictures are wonderful and you get to have a cd of every picture he takes.


All in all it was a fantastic wedding and a great week.


I hope this review is helpful.

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Sarah, my wedding is next Wednesday and I've been worried about the time frame between getting my hair done (8 am) and the ceremony (11 am). I have been considering changing it. Did you think that you had enough time between the two? Or did you feel rushed and worried while your hair was being done? Thanks in advance!

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    • Sorry you had to deal with this I hoped it worked out. It seems to be every few months a new store will be in the  'if' stage and to the 'when' stage.  Big businesses like this don't notify the employees or customers before they close down...that would cause even more losses.  One day there are signs on the door and the business is done.  And lots of people (employees and customers...not to mention the creditors that they owe millions to) get screwed immediately with little help to be found anywhere.  Look at alfred angelo, although they had less retail stores than David's Bridal, they may have had more sales than them as a company.  They were the largest manufacturer of dresses and were carried by thousands of independent stores across the world (not just the 60+ branded stores they had).  If you google search Davids Bridal going bankrupt, they are listed on all the sites that post retail stores on life support.  They have more debt than they will be able to service in 2019 and the only question right now is if they'll make it that far.  Once the debt comes due, it's almost a 100% certainty that the company will be done.  But it's also more probable than not that the bankruptcy will happen much sooner than that.  The argument about them getting a new line or how big they are isn't a good argument if you look at the history of how these normally happen.  Alfred Angelo had a brand new line of dresses that never even hit the stores but were made overseas already...those all made their first appearances at the liquidation auctions.  I'm not trying to scare anyone here, but just trying to make sure that people understand that when a company gets to this point, it's definitely a roll of the dice if you are ordering something that you can't take home today.  How much of a risk?  That's hard to say, but I am extremely confident that the pain felt when alfred angelo closed 61 stores will be even greater when Davids Bridal closes 300+ stores…and when there are other great discount dress stores out there like Bridepower or Vows Bridal Outlet on the East Coast or Brilliant Bridal in the West (and plenty of others as well), I don’t think I would personally recommend any of my friends to take that risk!  But that’s just me:)
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    • I would suggest the long one. You will look stunning in that. It is simple and elegant.
    • Both the gown are awesome and I'm sure you will look gorgeous in both. But I would suggest the first one. Go for it and Congratulations for your marriage.
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