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AA to charge for 1st checked bag "grrr"

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Originally Posted by Maura View Post
celina, if your tickets are already purchased, none of the fees apply to you
See below...

Originally Posted by Cole5worm View Post
Thanks Maura! Well it looks like most of us getting married in mexico are all fine right becasue international are excluded from this. Thank god! think of $15 for first bag $25 for additional bag both ways! holy crap!

Thank god i bought my flight back to Ca. before May 12 too! Thanks for posting this yari and thanks again for calling Maura!

Crapy crapy crapy is what this is!!
LOL! Crappy crap...these airlines need to join the Colonix crew! smile117.gif

My TA called me back and said it didn't apply to international flights at this time so we are good for now! Phhhheewwwwww!
Thanks Maurita!

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Originally Posted by jkcz0702 View Post
I just saw this on the news how crazy!
It is totally crazy, especially cause you know other airlines will soon follow.

Originally Posted by Saraha View Post
This is getting ridiculous, thanks for the post Yari and also Maura... very good to know!
No problem, I was so pissed when I saw it on Yahoo.

Pretty soon airline travel will be a thing for the rich only.

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