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Puppy wake-up - WARNING- kinda gross!

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So this morning I was sleeping soundly in my warm bed when my 8 month old boxer puppy, Bailey, started whining at our bedroom door to get out of the room. He usually has to be woken up in the morning when I go downstairs at 6:30, but since he fell asleep early last night, he hadn't been out since about 8pm the night before and I guess he really had to go! My FI got up and took out to the backyard to do his business. Bailey came back in and started garbelling down his food and water. My FI was half asleep so he was trying to get him to come back upstairs (we keep Bailey in our room at night, cause he tends to get into trouble when he's not supervised). So Bailey inhaled a bit more food and water and ran upstairs to my FI.


He jumped into bed with us, and wouldn't lie down. I guess he was ready to play, and he's jumping between our pillows and the next thing you know, I hear him burp and he upchucks his food and water on me!!!wacko.gif Thankfully it is not on my face, but it was on my chest and on my side of the bed! I was freaking out yelling for my FI to get me something to wipe myself down because if I moved it would have gone everywhere! Of course, he was laughing and moving sooo slow, but finally got me something to clean myself up.


Once I got cleaned up, I have to say it was kinda funny in a disgusting way because it was just the water and food undigested exactly as it went in! Sorry to be graphic, but it's part of the descriptive. I figured that I guess I was getting up a half hour early today since I couldn't get back into bed, but man was that a sick way to wake up! I told my FI that although people say that pets aren't like kids, this puppy is definetly preparing us for parenthood!smile36.gif

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oh gross, but we have a year old puppy too, and he would totally do something like this, so i feel your pain! at least ours is a chihuahua so it wouldnt be quite as much upchuck as bailey's sad.gif

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I'm glad you can laugh at it now. Be prepared for more gross things in your future. a couple of times one of my dogs had gotten sick and fi stepped in it on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. He was such a baby about it too, which made me crack up even more.


I can't keep undies or socks anywhere near my dog, he gets them evertime.

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