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how much are you budgeting for the trip? (not the wedding)


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Just wondering how much are you allotting for excursions and fun things during your trip? We only have so much money for the whole thing and I don't want to overdo it on the wedding and then miss out on a few things we could have done as a couple. For example, I really want to take a helicopter ride over Maui, but it's around $250 per person... there are so many cool things like that that are expensive and hard to justify. But it's also one of those things I don't want to miss out on, you know?


So far, our budget is like this:


about 7K for the wedding itself (including my dress, the rings and his attire- we only have 14 guests)

5K for travel & lodging for us (includes our vehicle rental for the two weeks)

so spending?? I am thinking another 2K is reasonable, but is it enough? We will be there for two weeks and eating in our condo for the most part (buying groceries at Costco which we did last time and it worked out fantastic).


What have you all allotted?

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Originally Posted by Pisces View Post
I can't wait for your wedding review when you get back Susan!
Now that work is slowing down I'm really getting excited & trying to tie up all the loose ends. We ordered a bunch of stuff for our OOT bags this weekend & now it feels like it's really happening.

(sorry for the thread hijack!)

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Oh jeez.. I haven't even figured all that out yet. But I have a feeling we are not gonna skimp on the fun stuff.. no matter what. It's our honeymoon and probably the one time (maybe?) that we will go there so we are gonna do EVERYTHING we want to and damn the prices... haha! Although I must say, in my original budget I think I listed $2k for fun stuff. I have a feeling we will go over that though because we want to do the helicopter tour too.. and it's expensive.

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we have not set our honeymoon spending budget yet but i have a feeling we will just spend whatever we want, i don't mean like trump style but if we want to do the helicopter tour or go to dinner or spa, we'll just do it an dnot think about it until we get home...then christmas will suck LOL

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