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5 Healthy Frozen Treats

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I got this in an email. I love frozen grapes...mmm



5 Healthy Frozen Treats


Frozen fruit. Even the worst cook can manage this one. Just pop some fresh grapes, strawberries, bananas, etc., into the freezer for a bit and pop them in your mouth. This is a recipe we offer in a lot of articles geared toward parents, as kids who turn up their noses at fruit offered in a bowl will suddenly appreciate this new frozen delight.



Fancy ice cubes. Try pouring your favorite fruit juice into an ice cube tray and inserting toothpicks when the cubes start to get slushy enough to allow the toothpicks to stand up. You've made your own healthy mini-popsicles. For bartenders, this is also a great addition to beverages. Try a glass of seltzer water with some frozen lemon juice cubes on a hot summer day. It'll make you forget about lemonade.



Speaking of bartending . . . This tip's for adults only. Here's a professional bartender secret—they usually add extra sugar in frozen drinks. Why? It tastes better and it makes you thirstier! More thirst=more drinks=more sugar. You get the idea. When making your own margaritas or daiquiris on a hot summer day, skip the store-bought mixers and make your own from fresh juice and use as little sugar as you can live with. Also, add extra ice to the blender. You'll be able to make your drink last a lot longer and do a lot less damage to your diet.



Make your own sorbet. This is a little more on the gourmet side. But if you're willing to invest a little money in an ice cream/sorbet maker and a little time in making ice cream/sorbet, you can make delicious ice creams and sorbets out of fresh fruit and keep out a lot of the artificial colors and flavors and obscene amounts of sugar that many store brands contain.



Make your own frozen yogurt. If fruit and non-frozen yogurt is better for you than the soft-serve kind sold in yogurt stands, why not switch it up? Blend frozen fruit—berries, peaches, whatever your favorite is—with some plain yogurt. If you must, you can add a little sugar to make it a treat, but think about reducing the amount a little every time you make this snack—you'll begin weaning yourself off the sweet stuff. Before you know it, fruit and yogurt will be enough of a treat, and you won't even miss the crushed Oreos!

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Mmmm sounds go good... I wish I didn't have such sensitive teeth cause I would love to chow down on some frozen fruit, but the thought of biting into them makes me shudder!! The softer things like sorbet & frozen yogurt sound great!

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