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Dreams Cancun - Questions for those married here!

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#5511 clgriffi7

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    Posted 10 July 2011 - 03:05 PM

    Soon2BMrsS             Oct 21  (travel Oct 18-25)

    futuremrsroo              Oct 28  (travel Oct 26-???)

    mgl27                       Oct 29  (travel Oct 24-Nov 1) 

    clgriffi7                      Nov 5    (travel Nov 2-10)

    bnwedding2011          Nov 8    (travel Nov 5-12)

    hairdos11                  Nov 10  (travel Nov 6-14)

    shannonb528             Nov 11   (travel Nov 7-13)



    #5512 bnwedding2011

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      Posted 10 July 2011 - 06:20 PM

      Hairdos11 and shannonb528... if you would like to walk through our reception and see how it is feel free! 4 months and counting!!!!!

      #5513 bnwedding2011

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        Posted 11 July 2011 - 05:57 AM

        You too clgriffi7  .....even though you already will be married :)


        Originally Posted by bnwedding2011 

        Hairdos11 and shannonb528... if you would like to walk through our reception and see how it is feel free! 4 months and counting!!!!!


        #5514 peterpanpixiedust

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          Posted 11 July 2011 - 07:22 AM

          I got the ultimate.  But I used the videographer they had then but he works on his own.  He had his own prices for the extras.  Dreams has their own corporate videographer now so I don't know what the upgrades are anymore.   I just added another hour ($250, but he gave me two), blue ray ($300), and a highlight video ($350). 

          Originally Posted by futuremrsroo 

          Peterpanpixiedust: Which package did you choose? We have the ultimate and are thinking about upgrading our video package, too. I asked Claudia what the cost of upgrading would be and she just sent me the normal price list. Did you just pay the difference between the package 1 and whichever higher package you wanted?


          I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she lets us trade out some things, but definitely bugeting to pay for every little thing! I can't wait to read your review!


          #5515 clgriffi7

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            Posted 11 July 2011 - 09:27 AM

            It is disappointing that the extras are inconsistent and you can't count on them.  For some of the small things it is a risk to not pay for them and just hope you get them free.  For example, I think the white flags look great on the beach and I would love to save the couple hundred dollars on them and get them free - but I am not sure if I am willing to just hope they show up.


            That is really unfortunate about the rose petals since you paid for the real ones.  It is frustrating to not get the free extras that another bride might get - but it is just maddening to not get what you paid for...  Hopefully none of those things change the way you think of your wedding.


            Originally Posted by peterpanpixiedust 

            I will say this does kind of depress me a bit.  I haven't had a chance to do my review yet, and everything was great, but there were those "extras"  I never seemed to encounter.  We left what in my opinion was a good tip.  We left $50 last year at our site visit, and $200 this year (most people said they left between $100-$150), and it was really hard to part with it, because after $500 in extra luggage, we were broke.  Well, aside from what we agreed on earlier, no extras.  Not only that, I had specifically asked for rose petals to be put into little organza bags for our petal toss at the recession, and she put my own fake ones in the bag that I had given her for the centerpieces.  I didn't find out until later, or else I would have confronted her during the reception.  But I was wondering why they blew away when people tossed them (  i mean, it was a windy day, but real petals would have had a better chance).  I'm not just mad about the fact that I had rose petals in my contract and she used my own, but that she used fake petals that littered the environment.  They aren't supposed to do that.  But back to the extras.  We had a bose sound dock, but because it started raining, we opted to extend our 1 hr of free sound (we had at our reception) to the rest of the night, and we tipped the sound guys, and I thought for sure she might let us have it, but nope, the next day we had a charge.  I know some people got a dj instead of their Bose, or at least a sound system.  I would have been happy with my Bose, but didn't want to chance it with the rain.  And they kept replaying the same songs at our dinner, and I gave them a huge selection.  Well, at least they did a great job at the reception!  And I did have the wedding of my dreams, and Claudia did deserve the tip due to all the times I called.  But still, I thought since we paid for everything (dance floor, extra champagne for extra ppl, upgrades for videographer) we would have gotten at least one of the extras talked about.  Oh well, maybe she thought we were rich and didn't deserve it.  We aren't, we just had over a year to plan and I saved up for two, and paid for pretty much everything ourselves out of pocket.  Either way, we still had the best time (tropical storm and all!)  I promise when I'm finally moved in I will write a review!


            Congrats on the ones leaving this week, and the newbies, and the newlyweds!  For all you inbetweeners... hang in there!



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              Posted 11 July 2011 - 07:18 PM

              Does anyone know the order of service for the symbolic wedding? I really need to get started on some type of program but I know I probably won't hear from Claudia for another 2 weeks or so :)
              September 3rd 2011 @ Dreams Cancun Resort & Spa
              *** Bride & Groom + 52 booked and counting ***

              #5517 futuremrsroo

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                Posted 12 July 2011 - 07:25 AM

                I just got the outline of the ceremony from Claudia a few days ago! :)


                Originally Posted by caboose 

                Does anyone know the order of service for the symbolic wedding? I really need to get started on some type of program but I know I probably won't hear from Claudia for another 2 weeks or so :)

                Wedding ministry

                1.-  Scripture of Genesis “ And God created man on His own image ....Gen 1:27
                2.- We have come together, family and friends…..welcome words
                3.- Pray about the ceremony and for the couple
                4.- Brief sermon, three things you should never forget

                1. Never forget you are a family, God until now, will see you as one, Gen 2:18-25
                2. Never forget be romantic Song of Songs 8:6-7
                3. Never forget be friends Ecl 4:9-12

                But over all things show one to the other love , not in a selfih way but in the way that God shows us in 1Cor 13
                 Love is patience love is kind, it does not envy,….
                5.- Response questions, to groom and to bride, do you come on your free will and with a consicious desire to be united in marriage with….?
                6.- Exchange of traditional vows: with groom and wife
                 I___ take you ___ to be my wedded wife ,to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer in sickness and in health and forsaking all others I give myself only and always to you until death do us part
                And so with the bride…
                6.- Exchange of rings
                What token of love and fidelity do you have to seal the pact we are doing today?
                _____  receive this ring as a symbol of my life that I am giving you today and always, with this ring I thee wed
                and so the bride
                7.-  Pronouncements: Because you ___ and ___ have exchange before us your promises of eternal love, and in our presence you have exchange symbols which make this pact  visible
                I as a servant of the Living God pronounce you before The Father, Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit and the community as husband and wife.
                So you are no more two but only one, what God had joined together let no man separate.
                Congratulations!!!   You may kiss your Bride.



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                #5518 Soon2BMrsS

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                  Posted 12 July 2011 - 08:07 AM

                  YAY!!!!!!!!!! Super cool!!!!!!

                  #5519 clgriffi7

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                    Posted 12 July 2011 - 09:06 AM

                    Past brides:  did you base your ceremony on the script provided by Claudia or did you write something entirely on your own?  I am hoping it is the latter because what I have drafted is nothing like the script in futuremrsroo's post from Claudia.

                    #5520 Soon2BMrsS

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                      Posted 12 July 2011 - 09:17 AM

                      That is AWESOME!  I was wondering though, when the Sand Ceremony would be placed in this. 

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