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  1. I am soooo glad that you got to have your dream wedding! I was really worried, because each time I talked to Claudia that week, it seemed the resort was on edge waiting to evacuate! I'm so glad that it got downgraded to a tropical storm!! I can't wait to see your pictures Congrats!!
  2. Maybe this is a new thing? My old wedding date had zero guests booked in the tower, and we had the terrace from day one. It could be a new policy for 2012 weddings? I know that's not helpful, sorry! I hope you girls get the location that you want! If it helps, I've seen some pictures from receptions at the spa terrace and they looked gorgeous, maybe as a plan B if they don't give you the terrace?
  3. I am sooo excited for you girls gettin married this weekend! I hope you all have a safe trip, beautiful weather, and a LONG review with LOTS of pictures when you get back!!
  4. Leigh: I'm not positive about the rain plan, but I know they have several ballrooms, and they can do receptions in the lobby of the preferred tower (the inside part of the terrace). If it still looks rainy when you go, I'm sure Claudia will show you all the options. They have been nothing but amazing this week! Dreamsbride: I will be flying in on the 12th! I will most likely see your wedding being set up
  5. Thanks everyone! It was easier to be okay with the switch since the resort was awesome and the airlines waived any fees to cancel and change flights. When I woke up Tuesday thinking I was getting on a plane the next day and my FI said, "Honey, I don't think we're going to Mexico tomorrow", it was pretty rough!! I spoke to Claudia today (helpful hint: she is WAY easier to get in touch with by phone, so save up questions and call her!!) and she said that everyone is fine, and it's just really windy and cloudy and will rain off and on. She seems really on top of it, so I'm sure Meghan is having a great wedding, even if it's not the outdoor one that she planned on.....
  6. Well, lets all keep mgl27 in our thoughts! I'm officially a January Dreams bride now! I think mgl was flying in on Monday, so there was no way they could have predicted how fast the storm would strengthen. It looks like she'll be fine for her wedding on Saturday, but the next two days will probably be pretty rough at the resort. Claudia said they were removing coconuts from the trees to prevent them from flying through windows! They were waiting to see if they need to evacuate. Luckily, the resort is super awesome, and we rescheduled for January 14th with ALL my guests getting full refunds for this week. Where are my January brides at?? Soon2Be, I am SO GLAD you had a wonderful wedding!! I can't wait to hear all about it
  7. Yay! Thank you so much! I'm not worried at all anymore Or reception will be ending around 9:30, so by the time the show starts, my group will be well into the fun dancing mode, and will probably not even notice!
  8. I can barely comment on this because I'm getting married next Friday and am now feeling a little sick that this could interfere! Since there has been no mention from Claudia, and since I'm sure there are plenty of Tuesday and Friday weddings at Dreams, I'm hoping that it's not actually going to be in the way. I emailed Claudia to ask her, so hopefully she will get back to me before I leave for Cancun! On to a positive: mgl27 I do arrive on Wednesday afternoon, and waiting on Claudia to confirm our meeting time, but YES! we definitely need to meet up for a cocktail. I can't believe our wedding dates finally show up on the 10 day forcast
  9. Thanks! It's exciting, but hasn't sunk in that it's happening in about 10 days. I still have little things to do: finish escort cards, OOT bags are the main ones. The salon told me they would apply lashes at a small charge if we bring them with us.
  10. Super exciting!! I can't believe so many of us are so close!! I leave on the 26th, (single digits, OMG!!) and will be married on the 28th!! I've been stalking the weather channel and the webcam, too! Glad to know I'm not the only crazy bride! It makes me feel better if I can see people in the beach chairs getting some sun Hope you have wonderful wedding, and great weather Soon2B! Mgl27: I'll probably see your wedding since it will be the day after mine I haven't looked up Barry Promo's but used seller KrazyGraphix on Etsy. It was the most reasonable I've found since I needed less than 50 koozies. I paid $35 for 40 incl shipping. He was quick too!
  11. Yay! We are super close! Thank you (and Leigh!!) for your help with the appointments. They had told me back in July that I should book 2 weeks in advance for hair/makeup, so I was in a panic for a few days when I saw how far in advance you guys had your appointments! They told me that they have 3 stylists and so book 3 girls at a time. We have 7 and are booked from 12 noon through 2pm for my ceremony at 4:30.
  12. Claudia is still there. That's who I'm working with. I think they are all pretty great, although they can definitely be sloooow to respond. I've had times where she will answer same day, and times I've had to wait 2 weeks. If I hadn't found this site and seen the reviews of the beautiful weddings that some of these girls have had, I would be a nutcase stressing about response times from them!!
  13. Yay, it's officially our wedding month!! Congrats to everyone. Hope all your planning is coming together I'm getting married at Dreams Cancun on the 28th and it's so exciting to say that we will be married in less than a month!
  14. Thank you, Leah! I was also wondering how long they block out the appointments for I think I have 7 people getting hair done, which from the timing they gave you means we will be in the salon all day! How far in advance did you book your appointments?
  15. It's getting close to time for me to book hair and makeup appts. Do any past brides have a recommendation on who to ask for? I used to see Christian's name on this board a lot, but someone said he no longer works there! Thanks in advance
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