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Started centerpieces, open to input

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Our wedding is at 4pm. Afterwards we will have a private HD reception, cut the cake, make toasts, etc. Our guests will go to a semi-private buffet at one of the restaurants at 7pm. This was much more cost effective than the private dinner that was $100 pp! Instead we get beer, wine, champagne, and passed HDs for 2 hours at $15 pp.


The reception will take place in the garden by the gazebo (I need to find a pic). They include white able covers only and no real table decor.


I'm planning on making turquoise satin toppers and centerpieces for the 4 tables we need. Here is my starting point.

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.


I've got the large hurricane that I was going to fill with beach glass, marbles, etc. I don't know if I should do the "drowned" flowers or floating candles. My concern with the candles is that it is late afternoon and not dark.


They will sit on these beautiful aqua marbled glass tiles and I have 4 mini hurricanes for each table as well. Should I use tea lights or a single blossom? Should I tie ribbon around the tops of the hurricanes? Should I scatter shells on the tables?

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ribbon around the base of the hurricanes would be pretty. and i like candles for the 4 small ones, but flowers for the large one.


where did you find the aqua glass tiles? very pretty!

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