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Somebody had posted pictures of their programme fans... and I can't for the life of me find the thread!


Their 2 outer sections (cover?) were more of a plastic material (as opposed to heavy card stock) and they had somehow 'stamped' or 'imprinted' a pattern onto the material.


Can anyone help me out with this? I want to know:

- what the material was/is

- where one picks up the tool to do the impression work


Any and all help would be much appreciated!

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it was Sarah's, so cute. i'm not sure if she did them herself or got them from aylee.


but i have seen the exact template floating around on here..


(i edited this because i would rather support/promote our own Sarah, i didn't realize she makes those now too as part of her blooming business!)

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Thanks so much, Sarah! You're the best!


And be advised... I'm going to give them a whirl - but if they don't turn out right, I'll be hunting you down!


Can I ask how heavy the paper you used was? For some reason I had it in my head that it was a plastic of sorts! And did yo emboss the fans AFTER printing them out?!

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Can I ask what size eyelets you used? And do I need to add eyelet 'washers' in order to keep them secure?


I had been thinking of laminating each page and wonder how that will work with the eyelets? Are 6 laminated programme pages going to be an issue?!! Too many & too thick?! HELP!

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Thanks Sarah, I appreciate it. I would like to avoid the way the brads look on the rear of the programme... (that unfinished look) Is there a solution to this? (which is why I was thinking eyelets) I am SO not knowledgable about crafting...


deznchris2006 - I'm kindof having the same problem myself! Don't know what to put on there to fill it up! I like the look of 6 sleeves though.

I think I've seen some ceremony information... readings, order of events, processional music, etc. I could really do w/some suggestions too! HELP!

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