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Questions you asked your wedding coordinator

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I had a very positive experience with Chandlyn at the ROR. Prior to our arrival I had only corresponded with Chandlyn twice. Once to set up and confirm everything (date, time, dinner, reception, steel band, etc.) and a second time to confirm that she received our documents. I had read on the forum that she was hard to get in contact wth so I really had no idea what to expect.


After we had checked in we ran into Chandlyn as we were getting on the elevator. She saw us holding the dress and introduced herself. She asked us for our room number and said she would call to schedule a meeting. She called within 10 minutes and set up a meeting for the following day.


The meeting went very smooth and lasted maybe 25 minutes at the most. We had brought our own flowers, decorations, and photographer so we didn't have to deal too much with those details. We knew exactly what we wanted (thanks to all the good tips we got from this forum) and she was very accomodating. The next day we dropped off all of our decorations and supplies in her office. I seperated everything into specific bags (ceremony decorations, dinner decorations, etc.) but I did not give her any specific guidance. I remember just telling her here is all of our stuff, you do this everyday so I trust you to make it look nice. Well she really came through. The way she decorated everything looked great. Our guest were really impressed with the dinner decorations. My mom was really concerned that the restaurant (Mammee Bay) was just going to look the way it did every other day we were there. She was really impressed with what Chandlyn did and how she was able to transform our area into something special for us.


All in all I would suggest using this forum as much as possible to get some of your questions answered so that way when the time comes to talk with Chandlyn you know excatly what you want or need from her. Before we left I made a list of questions for Chandlyn so at the meeting I pulled out the list to make sure I didn't forget any details. I would advice doing that so you don't forget anything during the meeting. I think she is very busy and appreciates when people are prepared.

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Jamaica08Bride, that is such a relief to hear. I feel like I've heard that Chandlyn is completely on point, or actually lacking in the detail department.

You brought your own flowers...I want to do this, was it a hassle to get everything down there?

I see that you just got married, congratulations!

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Thanks. My mom's friend did all the flowers for me. She made the boutinierres, and the arrangements to decorate the gazebo. She brought the flowers for the bouquets and we made them at the resort the Wednesday before the wedding. I have a hot glue gun burn on my leg as a memory of that night! I will try to post some pics this evening.

It can be a pain in the butt trying to get all of that stuff there. I had my mom buy some of the decorations in CA and bring them with her so that helped a lot. Her friend brought all of the floral decorations and the rest of the stuff we divided amongst friends and family here. We ended up with two checked bags each and lucky for us they did not weigh them at the airport because I know they were all over weight.

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1. What is the cost of the wedding package?

2. What does it include?

3. What are the ceremony site and reception site options?

4. What are the alternatives in case of rain?

5. What kind of flowers and pricing are available?

6. What kind of music is available?

7. Can you have a private reception/away from the rest of the resort goers and at what price?

8. What kind of food is served on the menu? Can it be a la carte/served or is it buffet-style? Can you pick and choose what is served?

9. What kind of cake flavor do they have/can they make a cake that you send them a picture of?

10. Do they have your wedding date and time available? (this one is crucial lol)

11. What is the cost of a guest pass/day/night pass for any guests not staying at your hotel (most resorts have these)

12. Do they charge extra for bar use?

13. Do they have cocktails and hors'deurves and at what extra cost?

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