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  1. Hey girls, Just wanted to say that My hubby and I just returned from our ROR wedding last week. We also had Misha Earle photograph us and she was FABULOUS!! Both our families were very impressed! She is highly recommended by us! I just can't wait to see the final product...I'll be sure to share!
  2. So we leave for ROR in a week and I'm a little concerned with the way the ceremony will go. I got the vows from Chandlyn and we will def not be using the plain resort ones. But just curious if anyone wrote out their entire ceremony?? If not how did it all go? I don't want it too short and I also would like to know what will be said so it will be relevant to us and our relationship.... advice opinions please!
  3. are there any more necklaces left? I would like two!
  4. so I've been at this for over two years now and will never go back to the old way of shopping! I save on average 50-60% on everything from groceried to health and beauty and cleaning supplies. I have a small heart attack everytime the customer in front of me pays over $100 for the same amount of items that I'm paying $30 for. It's a great feeling and I can buy things I want with the saved money! I recommend it to everyone....keep in mind it takes a few months to really see the great savings as you have to get stocked up on your need items.
  5. We are doing a BBQ too. Hamburgers hot dogs BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, salad, pasta salads, potato salad, cole slaw. The whole BBQ thing! We want it low key and nothing fancy because after all it's not a wedding, just a party to celebrate our actual wedding.
  6. We are doign a BBQ too. Hamburgers hot dogs BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, salad, pasta salads, potato salad, cole slaw. The whole BBQ thing! We want it low key and nothing fancy because after all it's not a wedding, just a party to celebrate our actual wedding.
  7. I was had with this too! My 2:15PM flight is now a 7:30 AM flight! I'm def pissed and will not be having anyone else book with them!
  8. We are planning on taking a cruise for our one year anniversary to make up for not really having a private honeymoon.
  9. my shoes Took me FOREVER to find! But here they are! Zappos.com - rsvp Taran
  10. I'm having one at the golf course that I work at over the summer. They are hooking me up with a great deal. Just have to convince the FI to do it! But we will have a DJ and BBQ food and beer/wine. Nothing formal just a nice party. I may get a nice white summer dress for it.
  11. This is making me kind of nervous! We're all flying AJ out of JFK in July....hopefully they stay in business long enough! Good thing Jet Blue is now flying direct flights out of JFK just in case
  12. I may just make mine too! I want a real simple shorter veil for the ceremony. Do you know where you found the instructions?
  13. okay so I can't figure out how to get david's pictures to copy or save I'll paste the link and maybe someone can post the pic for me. It's the first dress I tried on and just kept coming back to it! I love it! David's Bridal - Strapless taffeta side drape with metallic beaded lace bodice and trumpet skirt. We picked out bridesmaid dresses last night too. Just tossing between Latte and candy pink. Here i sthe link to them: David's Bridal - Chiffon short bubble dress featuring strapless satin bodice and empire waist with beading and metal
  14. I'm in the same boat with you. We were hoping to have the majority of those invited come (about 60) But now with 5 months to go we are looking at about 15-20. Mostly immediate family and a couple friends. FI has NONE of his friends coming and I feel horrible about that. But the more I think about it all and the closer it gets I'm glad it will be small!! Less stress and $$ and more time to spend with those who are really most important. We may have a celebration party at home when we get back but that's still up in the air. Depends on cash when we get back but that is always an option if you are real upset about it.
  15. how much is it to do dinner drinks and dancing all at the pool bar?
  16. awesome review! Glad you had an amazing wedding! I'm thinking of switching to the poolside reception as well. Do you have any pics of that area specifically?
  17. The Old Lahaina Luau is amazing. They say it's the best one on Maui and possible all of Hawaii. You will not be dissapointed with this. They have a real pig roasting in he pit, a sort of craft fair where the locals come to sell their handmade crafts, dinner and a great hawaiian dancing and singing. I loved evey minute of it when I went and would love to go back
  18. I'm in the same boat. Honestly I think if less people come the better! More time to spend with new hubby and the few that came. No worrying about 50 people and if they are happy bored angry happy.... It will be fine!
  19. well this is a little annoying. You can't get alcoholic drinks with dinner! Not even a red stripe! I will have to dig deeper into this!
  20. hey ladies, this dress is no longer available. I wound up convincing the manager to exchange it for a different one!
  21. oh this makes me nervous about having my after party there! What are snad fleas just little biting bugs? think they will be there in July?? it Think I will check into the poolside party a little more!!
  22. ours is going to be super small. I sent out 50 STDs to mainly family and very close friends. We expect somewhere around 15- 20 people to actually attend.
  23. I love the coffeee table book idea! I haven't heard of that one yet! I think I may be stealing that one
  24. so funny i just noticed you in LK Hopatcong! I'm in Vernon NJ! We'r so close!
  25. I am just going fake tanning for 3 months before hand to get as dark as I can before we go. That way there will be minimal tan lines! Only thing I can think of other than that is wearing tops that are strapless the whole time. Going tanning beforehand will keep you from burning too though.
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