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Thanks! I feel a little better and a little less lazy about being non-DIY. It's also not that I didn't try...I downloaded some of the templates that the super talented brides posted, but I got frustrated trying to personalize them and they never looked nearly as nice as the other I've seen posted. My artistic talents never did develop beyond stick figures and pinch pots! Luckily Mom did do a really great job, and I do love the simplicity (and hey, i DID pick out the color scheme and the palm tree motif)....


Speaking of which, are the colors ok, or is the green too light for the writing on the invitations? I wanted white paper but got over ruled by mother and sister who voted ecru because the white was too bright. FI abstained b/c I spoke to him in what he calls the "giberrish bride language" - should have called it "off-white" or "cream". I really like the idea of lime green but I'm not sure if it totally works off the ecru paper. That's the down-side of not doing DIY. You don't get to print a test sheet!

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