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  1. Kat, your litle girl is adorable, and I see you have Sophie! My little girl LOVES Sophie. She is constantly chewing her, too cute!
  2. Tlseege Kora is adorable, I love the picture where she is smiling. I wish I could get one of Natalie smiling. She smiles all the time but I'm not quick enough with my camera. Here she is, my little Natalie....
  3. I'm a mommy!!! Natalie Noelle has finally arrived after 40 weeks and 5 days, kidney stones, high bp, bed rest and pre eclampsia, and it was all worth it. We went in Wed. night to start cervadil and get things going. At 8:30 am on Thurs I was started on Pitocin and she was delivered at 6:40pm weighing 7 lbs 1 oz and 20 inches long. I went completly natural and actually relaxed between contractions somehow. I took hypnobirthing classes and they really helped. I was able to stay calm, quiet, and peaceful during labor. Don't get me wrong the contraction pain was unbelievable but I get quiet when in pain not loud or anything. My poor husband felt so helpless because I sat in the tub for four hours before pushing and there was really nothing for him to do but feed me ice chips. It was such a wonderful experience. I will post pictures later on.
  4. Well, I spoke to my midwife a few hours ago and I am going to the hospital tomorrow night to start the induction process. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to be induced but I'm ok with it now. Hopefully my baby decides she's ready and helps me out but who knows, I cant believe that I will be holding her soon!!!
  5. I found this article and website about labor and full moons how many women go into labor during a full moon, something to do with gravitational pull and how our bodies are made up of mostly water etc. Plus the other link lets you see if/when there will be a full moon. It was also on the discovery channel. There will be 98% visibility tonight and a full moon tomorrow and since I am 3 days over due I am really hoping it happens for me! Cross your fingers and good luck to anyone else that is due really soon! The Moon's Effect on Natural Childbirth Complete Sun and Moon Data for One Day
  6. Kelly C your girls are gorgeous!!! I love the first one it's such a beautiful picture!
  7. So today is my due date and I am still pregnant!!! I really thought she would be here by now, maybe she's just tricking me and wants to wait a few more hours, that would be nice!
  8. I was married at the ROR in Nov. and we saw a ton of babies, all ages. I wouldn't worry.
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs. Martin Thanks for the info. I just ordered mine in blue just now. Did you get yours yet? I ordered mine a long time ago because someone gave me a code and then I got this code through email also. Yes I received it, it's nothing fancy but def. something I plan on using. Congratulations Alyssa!! It goes by so fast so enjoy it while you can. So exciting! So after my routine appointment my midwife notices my bp is high. After a nst she determines bed rest is the best thing for me right now. No fun. She was afraid of pre eclampsia, after further testing I do not have it but still need to stay on bed rest until I deliver in a few weeks!
  10. Congratulations to all of the new moms!! I just wanted to let everyone know that if you plan on nursing and you need a cover up I have a promo code for a free one from Uddercovers.com the code is Planning. You just have to pay shipping which is $7.95 the code saves you $32.00. I have used this and I got a pink one. They are cute, I wouldn't pay $32.00 for it but I def. would (and have) paid $7.95! Hope this helps someone! Happy 4th!
  11. I loved getting married at the ROR. There were a lot of weddings but I never felt like just another bride. Chandlyn and I talked a lot throughout the planning process and once I actually met her I felt comfortable and she was very easy to work with. She knew who I was and what we wanted and added a few special touches and everything was always no problem, it really was wonderful. We got our time with her and when the wedding was over we'd see her around the resort and she'd ask how we were and if we had a good time. In my opinion it was great and I'd do it again but it's really up to you.
  12. Congratulations Angel, that's great news!!! Welcome Beach Bride! I was less than 10 weeks when I had to tell someone, so I came here!! It's so exciting.
  13. Tlseege, we have picked some of our bedding we're buying it seperatly not a full set. And yes the room colors are different so it's really no biggie, it was just a bit annoying. Kat- how exciting a little girl!! Shopping is going to be so much fun! Angel- Sorry to hear about your breach baby, but who knows maybe she will turn just in time like mentioned before. I hope everything goes safely and smoothly for you! How is everyone sleeping? I'm getting a bit uncomfortable and use about 6 pillows. But I'm feeling good and plump : )
  14. I have a little complaining to do, sorry in advance. My brother ang his gf are expecting their baby boy about 4 weeks before we are. I have been planning to do our daughters room with a jungle theme since before we were even pregnant, I'm not into pinky princess things. It's mainly turned into all giraffe since they are my favorite animal. I love nature and bamboo my wedding had a ton of bamboo things etc. They were doing a sports theme so I thought, we walk into their shower last weekend and it is head to toe jungle animals and not just any animals, friggin' giraffes!!! I was so pissed. My husband reminds me that they didn't throw their own shower so dont be mad. When I asked her aout the sportd theme she says, oh we changed our mind! Why wouldn't they tell us? I know I didn't invent the theme but to use the same animal when I made it perfectly clear what we were doing all along. We also live down the road from each other exactly 1 mile and we talk all the time and see each other. I just think it's rude. Thank you, I feel a little better now. : )
  15. I like the name Mikka it's different but not too different and very pretty. I also feel funny saying the name Liana (Lee-Ana) which is our top name so far. That's why I am hesitant to name her that because if I feel funny saying it then it must not be the name for her. But on the other hand we are naming someone we have never met so I guess it's normal to feel that way. We are heavily leaning toward Liana Noelle. We'll see. Oh, is anyone else taking hypnobirthing classes or looking into them? We had our first class last night and I loved it, minus the birthing videos, why do they show those
  16. Does everyone have their baby names picked out? If so what are you naming your little one? We are having a girl and cannot decide on a name, her middle name is chosen, it's a family name but nothing seems to fit. I feel a little guilty because we are less than 3 months away there's still time but I would like to have her name or at least a few when I deliver.
  17. Congratulations Bisha!! Gavin is beautiful!! Rest up and enjoy your new little baby!!
  18. Hi everyone, well what a week it has been. I woke up around 2 am on Thurs. morning with bad back pain and lower ab cramping. It went away after 45 min it came back at 3:30 again for 45 min and returned yet again at 4:15 and we went to the hospital. I was vomiting everytime the pain returned, it was unbelievable pain. It turns out I have kidney stones I have never experienced pain like this. I was sent home and then admitted me on Friday and I returned home on Sunday. They still have not passed and I am miserable. I am drinking tons of water, taking baths, using a heating pad and trying to not take the pain pills, because of the baby. Has anyone else had kidney stones, and how long did they take to pass? I am in pain and not happy. But, on a postive side the baby is great and kicking up a storm and I feel very connected to her since we get so much quiet time together.
  19. You are not scary at all!! You have a beautiful baby bump, so cute!!
  20. I'm glad to hear good news for everyone. Good luck on your appointment Jenn! I'm feeling great and she kicks all the time, I love it. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying thier pregnancies, it goes by way to quickly, in my opinion : )
  21. Congratulations Mrs. Martin on your baby boy, how exciting! Well, we had our appointment yesterday and we find out that we are having......... A GIRL!! My husband actually said girl all along and I kept flip flopping but we are so excited! Woohoo I am so happy I can't wait to but her shoes and little dresses, oh my goodness we are on cloud 9!
  22. Hi Everyone just read through some posts to catch up on things. Congratulations Lizz and BarefootBride on your babies!! We had an appointment to find out whether it's a boy or a girl last Wednesday and while on our way, they called to tell us that the tech had to leave due to an emergency (our ultrasound is at our midwifes office) We had to reschedule for this Wed.!! Bummer but I guess it makes it more exciting!! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying every minute of their pregnancies or their new little babies!! It's such a wonderful experience!
  23. I must say that most people ate the cake and really enjoyed it, we had two cakes and we also brought cake boxes so everyone was able to take cake back to their rooms and eat it. So at least it was tasty, but... it wasn't very pretty. It wasn't something I was angry about maybe a bit disappointed but really it's only cake so no biggie. Having a picture there would have been funny, but the resort tried and it was yummy and of course we were happy to be married on a beautiful island so can't complain too much!!
  24. oh my goodness all of your babies are so adorable.
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