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Great website for luau/beach theme decorations

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Originally Posted by Chiquita View Post
This is a good site :) It's got alot of stuff that OTC has, but some stuff it doesn't! Thanks!
yeah i almost ordered some of the stuff from OTC but then i noticed that its cheaper on this site. I have a shopping cart full of stuff and constantly adding more. I want to give my AHR guests the feeling of being at the beach without going overboard and being cheesy. My FH thinks im nuts. First i obsessed about the MIB invites (which finally went out and everyday i get compliments on how creative they are so it was worth every hour of missed sleep) now im obsessing about the AHR

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Beach weddings are one of the most fun filled and joyous event, there is always a liveliness and sparkling element in beach weddings, decorating a beach wedding require special attention and car t meet its spirit.







Beach Vase

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