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  1. I got married a little over 3 weeks ago and Dreams was perfect. They treated me like a queen and I felt so special. I was able to do the 20.00 menu and it was perfect. I will write a review soon.
  2. Ok so I decided agianst a dj and I bought the Ikick 500 but I don't think you can hook it with a microphone so I am scared that we can't do annocements.
  3. I have decided to use an ipod over using a DJ I just can not imagine spending another 1000 on a dj. I heard the ikick 500 is great so i bought it (love it) but now I am worried about not having a microphone for annocements and stuff. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Wow butterflyf369 I am super nervous about this dinner option because we don't have that kind of money for 65 extra a person and i am getting married 5 days after you. We are not bringing the extra money down with us because I am counting on the 20 dollar a person menu. It is just over 2 weeks away and I am still having people get tickets and all I keep thinking is $$$$
  5. I leave in 14 days for the wedding I really hoped it hasn't changed
  6. Oh my goodness that is so unfair. I just got the menu yesterday but I emailed her today and told her that is what I wanted.
  7. crazyldy

    Purple Items Wanted

    My colors are purple and lime. I am getting married Jan 26th. I will let you know what I have left over
  8. Thank you Tkolman773 I am getting married in 23 days and I am thinking about switching to the free package. Did you get a cake?
  9. I am so excited thank all of you for all your help. I am getting married on the 26th of January and I have sooo much to do! All the weddings I have seen they are beatiful and I really really hope that mine is that nice. But my goodness i must say you brides are very crafty.
  10. crazyldy

    "So You Think You Can Dance" Fall 2009

    I am sorry this season is one of the best. Some of the solo acts stink but some of these dances are amazing. I really liked the group dance last week. This season is so much better then last season.
  11. thank you for posting the swatches
  12. I am getting married at dreams tulum I love the look at ana and jose but the cost was too much
  13. does anyone know what the weather will be like in the evenings in January?