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Starfish Passing Thread

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What a great idea!! 


I would like to join dc22173's CLEAR starfish lineup!  Our travel dates are January 7-15, 2012 to Montego Bay, Jamaica.


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I would love to get in on the dc22173's CLEAR starfish line-up, please.


My travel dates are Feb. 22 - March 6th, 2011 in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Looks like I could fit between CarribeanBride and Teira. Let me know if this works. Thanks!


Originally Posted by breeze616 View Post

Hi Ladies!


Were back! We had an INCREDIBLE wedding and vacation. FYI, our lil guy is in the mail (Xpresspost) and on its way to Kate!


dc22173's CLEAR starfish line-up:


1 ) kateandbri - January 8th-15th, Melia Caribe, Punta Cana

2 ) CarribeanBride - Feb 6th-13th 2011- Dreams Palm Beach, Punta Cana

3 ) Teira1031 - April 1,2011 - April 14, 2011 Dreams los cabos

4 ) Hockeymom97 - April 30 - May 9, Turks and Caicos *(To be confirmed with bride before)*
5 ) susanna.hanson - June 17, 2011, Cabo San Luca

6 ) Mallory57 - Aug 11-21, 2011, Moon Dance Cliffs, Negril, Jamaica

7 ) Kathie - October 14 - 29, Aruba

If you would like to join this CLEAR starfish list, please post in this thread with all of this info:
1) That you would like to join the 'dc22173's CLEAR starfish line-up'
2) Your travel dates (an estimate is ok if you haven't booked yet).
3) Your wedding location

It is your responsibility to get the info of the bride on the list after you, and send the starfish and journal on in a timely manner. Please do not disappoint the brides after you by committing to this if you don't think you will send it off in time.

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Hi all!


I am getting married at Dreams Los Cabos in three weeks, and I was just wondering how to bring down my starfish for my place cards.  Did any of you ladies pack them in a carry on or in your luggage?  Did you have any problems at customs?


Your replies and suggestions are very much appreciated :)


Thank you


Sonia :)

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I WOULD LOVE to join the 'dc22173's CLEAR starfish line-up'
July 17th - July 31st 

Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort- Cancun, MX





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What is the site they are purchased on? May go ahead and purchase my own to pass along if we need to. idea.gif

Originally Posted by coley88 View Post

I finally am back and have time to catch up on every thing for my wedding on Dec. 11th. Can anyone tell me if this list is still passing the little guy around?


Annas adoption of itsfinallyhere list:


3. DestCabo10 - Cabo Rui, Santa Fe - Aug 10 – 20, 2010
4. Mexico102 - Mayan Riviera - Sep 27 - Oct 8, 2010 purchased own starfish!
5. Katie (ktnicole) Siesta Key FL- Nov 3-10, 2010
6. Lovelytlc - Paradisus Palm - Nov 17 - 25, 2010
7. Nichole (coley88 - Paradius, Punta Cana - Dec 5 - 13, 2010 ***reconfirmed
8. Christa (Daily2011) - Barcelo Maya Palace - Jan 11-18, 2011
9. Brandy (surpriseitstaken) - Barcelo Maya - Jan 15-Feb 5, 2011 ***reconfirmed
10. Tifuhhknee - Dreams Puerta Adventuras - April 19 - 27, 2011
11. Southern Sweetie - Moon Palace - June 7 - 15, 2011
12. Anna22- June 25, 2011
13. Mallory57 - Moon Dance, Negril - August 11 - 19, 2011 ***reconfirmed
14. Diamond girl - Oct 5 - 9, 2011


12. peterpanpixiedust - Dreams Cancun - June 14? - 26, 2011  unable to be on this list but has been added to another list- just need to confirm with her.  anyone heard from her?



I've read through most of the last 2 months and it's hard to figure out who's still getting passed, who got lost and what lists are still working? I just wanted to see because if he's not I still have time to find a new little guy :)


Thanks ladies,


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Hi Ladies,

just thought I would check-in to see how the starfish passing is going. By now Lea should be back and the starfish should already be on its way to cookiemunchkin. If anyone wants to be added to this blue starfish list please PM me. I know that I had a few requests a while ago but I believe I answered everyone individually. If I didn't see your request and didn't answer you please just shoot it to me again include your Wedding date, Dates of travel, wedding destination and where you reside.







Janine's blue starfish List showing bride, wedding date, dates of travel and destination: (updated with sorord1's dates)

JanineA Nov. 13th 2010 (Nov 10-Nov 15 -Turks&Caicos)

MrsJ2011 Jan. 2nd 2011 (Dec 31-Jan 8 - Jamaica)

Cookiemunchkin Feb 19th 2011 (Feb 16 - 23 Riviera Maya, Mexico)
Katelynn May 3rd 2011 (Apr 30-May 7 - Jamaica)

SouthernSweetie June11th 2011 (Moon Palace, Cancun)
Peterpanpixiedust June 18th, 2011 (Jun 14-Jun 26 - Cancun)

Sorod1 July 30th 2011 (Jun 28-Aug 11 - Jamaica)
AishaB Aug. 21st 2011 (Aug19-Aug22 - Cape May)

Diamondgirl Oct. 8th 2011 (TBD)
Clgriffi7 Nov. 5th 2011 (Nov 2-Nov 12 - Riviera Maya)


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I would love to join dc22173's CLEAR starfish line-up

Travel Dates are September 1st - 17th 2011

In the Riviera Maya, Mexico


Looks like I could fit in between Mallory57 and Kathie

Kathie - I promise to have it to you in time!


Great idea ladies, I love this!

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Originally Posted by *Karla* View Post



Originally Posted by surprise_its_taken View Post



Has anyone heard from bnbrmy yet?

Not that I know of.  PM me all your info, and I will put you down




Karla's Blue Starfish Passing List - Wedding Date in ()


wendyjd - Jamaica Oct 7-15, 2010 (Oct 11)

krishna69z - Valadero, Cuba Nov 26-Dec 4, 2010


Ania (butterflyaniam) - St. Thomas USVI Feb 20, 2011 - UK

Diva - Excellence Punta Cana March 10-20, 2011 (Mar 14) - Texas

lisadias - Riviera Maya April 23-30, 2011 (April 26) - Ontario, CA

susanna.hanson - Cabo San Luca June 17, 2011

Jennifer (japonick) - Cabrera, Dominican Republic June 28-July 5, 2011 (July 2)


Anyone else, let me know!



As some of the other ladies have already stated:

If you want on the list, PM me with your name, wedding date/location, and your location.

It is your responsibility to get the info of the bride on the list after you, and send the starfish and journal on in a timely manner.





Hey there,

I'm the next one in the line for the blue starfish. I already moved to the States so there will be no problem with international shipping:) I noticed that bnbmry still hasn't contacted anyone. Does it mean that krishna69z will be sending it to me? I will PM you. If anyone has any other info please let me know. There are 3 weeks left till my wedding!!! So excited


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I know for awhile Bree was keeping tabs on this starfish thread and adding new brides/dates to the list etc, but I know she hasn't been around very much since her wedding. Unfortunately I don't have much time to be on here either right now because if work, so if anyone wants to kind of take over and keep this organized that would be fantastic! I will try to stop in more frequently to help, but I would hate for anyone to get missed just because I'm not very organized right now :(


I also wanted to check in with Tiera1031 - do you have all of my info to send the starfish to me after your wedding?


And Susanna Hanson - can you please PM me with all of your mailing info so I know where to send the starfish once I get back?


Thanks ladies!!


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