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  1. We sent our guests to the lobby bar for drinks while we took pics and it worked out just fine. Nobody was partying or anything, just hanging out until we got there, then we all hung out until dinner. It was nice to have some downtime between the organized events. One thing to keep in mind - the Spa side lobby bar has snacks but the Cove side lobby bar does not. (Not sure about the Cove side sports bar.) Even though our wedding was at 2pm and most people had eaten lunch, we were all hungry for snacks. I wish we would have bought snack mix in Playa for people to snack on during that time.
  2. Thanks ladies! I'm so glad it helped. Lauren - They seem to change their minds a lot about what is included in the promotion. It was mid-Feb when they told me we could use Palace Dollars for the video of the ceremony, so definitely try again. It took a little less than an hour and a half to do my hair. Some of that time was me deciding what I wanted them to do. My sisters and I got our hair done at the same time and had mimosas so it went by pretty quickly. Even though the style ended up perfect, I was pretty nervous about it, so I think if you want to take the time, a trial run is a great idea. I would book that before you go. We did the Swimming with the Dolphins tour and loved it! In fact, we swam with the dolphins at Xel-Ha 4 years ago and we liked this one so much more. Plus, it's 5 minutes from the resort so you don't spend a whole day (or even half a day) away. We got a big group to go and everyone loved it, except a couple of girls who were scared! I don't think you are able to book tours before you go but I cannot emphasize strongly enough that you need to book tours and spa services ASAP once you arrive. They book up so fast, which was one of our biggest disappointments. I loved the Tulum Gazebo but the Coba Gazebo looks great, too. The horse-drawn carriage pulls up to the TG perfectly! We went with Tulum because it was on the adults-only side and tucked away. The Coba is very close to a restaurant and we just wanted to keep it intimate. They are both gorgeous! I can't believe you are leaving so soon! I'm jealous because I want to go back!!!!!!! Good luck with everything and have the best time!!!!
  3. I finally got my review posted from our wedding at Aventura on 2/25/11. I tried to be specific but there was a lot I wanted to cover...I hope it is helpful. Good luck to you all!! http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/aventura-spa-palace-all-inclusive/reviews
  4. Hi ladies! I'm so sorry I haven't been around! I have my AHR this weekend so things are still crazy. I finally got my pictures on a shared site so PM me if you want the link. I am working on a review and hope to have it very soon. In the meantime, feel free to ask me any questions. I would be happy to answer them if I can! In regards to the floating beer pong, we did not do this but I truly doubt they would have an issue with it. They are extremely lenient when it comes to groups having fun...which worked out well for us! In fact, they have a ping pong table in the pool so you wouldn't even need to bring your game. I'm so sad our trip is over because it was such a blast! I'm so happy for you all! Karen
  5. I agree that it's not in good shape and a new one is probably a good idea. I would be willing to help get the new one into production but I know Teira needs it next week so we would need to rush ship it as well. Unless Teira wants to take the current one without a stick and we will start the new one with Hockeymom. Let me know what I can do to help! Unless Teira wants to take
  6. Everything is fine with this. I have sent it back to the original owner (at her request) and she will get it to Teira on time. Hope everyone continues to enjoy the starfish!
  7. I don´t know Cristina but my original wedding coordinator was Wilma, then got switched to Lorena 2 months before the wedding and then got switched to Edith literally the day I was traveling to ASP for my wedding! It stressed me out at first but Edith ended up being absolutely wonderful. Everyone at the resort was amazing on our wedding day!! The only advice I have about this is to definitely print out everything and bring it. Lorena told me my new wedding coordinator would have everything I had decided on, and when I met with her, she had none of it. Luckily I had it all on email. It´s hard to say don´t stress but really, try not to. ASP/ACP is the most fabulous place to have your wedding!! I´m on my honeymoon this week at a different resort so I will post a review soon after I get back!!
  8. Congrats!! My best piece of advice is to bookmark anything you like the first time you see it. There is so much helpful information on here; it can be overwhelming and you will probably forget where you saw the things you liked. The site is awesome and everyone is fantastic! Good luck and have fun!!!
  9. My wedding coordinator told me the other day that they will add it to the bill for my room.
  10. Teira PM'd me about this so I am all set to send it to her after my wedding. I PM'd CarribeanBride to give her my address. Looks like she was scheduled to get home yesterday so I should be receiving the starfish soon. I'm so excited! We leave 1 week from tomorrow...yay!!!
  11. Nikki, Great idea to check YouTube videos - thanks! We have chosen Excellence Riviera Cancun, I can't wait!! EDR Casitas will be amazing!! Have a blast! Alisa, thanks for the suggestion! I actually found it awhile ago and read through every single post. It took me forever! Haha. I hope to be on it a lot more now that I'm actually getting closer to the wedding. Good luck with your planning!!
  12. A quick note: 2011 prices for the salon and spa are not out yet so if you book now, they will honor 2010 prices for you!!
  13. I have heard a few grumblings about it and I try to be understanding because they really are concerned. They hear what's "going on in Mexico" and think we are going to be right in the middle of it or something. I tell them to do a little research and they will see that if they are smart - i.e., don't walk through an alley in the middle of town alone at night - they will see there is nothing to worry about. For those who say they have heard travel agents are advising against travel to Mexico, I tell them about my travel agent who visited Riviera Maya last month with her husband and 3 year-old. Our informed guests are not concerned at all. Good luck ladies! I really hope nobody cancels for that reason.
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