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NYJen's Wedding Review of my WC, Vari: A+++

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Ok, so I realized that if I did one review for everything, it would be WAY TOO long. So I decided to separate it by catagory. I hope that's ok. Here is my review of my WC, Vari from Allure Event Design (also a member of BDW.) I give her an A+++


Words cannot express how much I love Vari. Sheâ€s AMAZING!!! We had been working together since I first got engaged and she saw my vision from day one. We were always on the same page with everything. Some things we both agreed were not worth going over the budget on, and then there were some things that we both agreed could definitely go over the budget. She and I had a great connection in that way. She knew what kind of effect I was going for and was she made it her priority to help me achieve it. It wasn't about money or "the sale" with her. And although I'm SOOO happy the planning is over, Iâ€m really going to miss working with her.


Planning a destination wedding is hard when it comes to making decisions from far away. Vari would send me pictures and make suggestions that were in-line with what I was trying to do and everything came together perfectly. From the chivari chairs, the green hand blown glass chargers, the flowers/candles/and lime centerpieces, the hanging Chinese lanterns and floating Chinese lanterns, she really created an UNBELIEVABLE event. All my guests commented on how wonderful she was and what a terrific job she did. You'll all be able to see more when I get my pics back from Juan Carlos.


Couple of things that I feel I should mention about Vari - she always knew all the details of my wedding and remembered all the changes we made as if it was her own wedding. I never had to repeat myself to her or remind her of anything. She was always “on the ball†and “she got it†all the time. I LOVED that!!! Some people may say itâ€s a talent. But I think itâ€s just that she loves the planning process as much as the brides do. And that's what made working with her so easy and so much fun. Another thing that I LOVED, was that she always made me feel like I was the only bride she was working with. Whenever we would email or talk, she wouldnâ€t be “all business.†We would talk about other things and she would let me vent about other issues (mostly the Hilton - LOL!!!) I felt like I was planning my wedding with a girlfriend, not just a WC.


And lastly, even Juan Carlos had made a comment that Vari is wonderful. He told me “she cares about the wedding.†And that there says it all.


Ok Vari - here is your reveiw. I hope you liked it. It was so great working with you and Iâ€m seriously going to miss you. At least I can still see you on the forum.

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