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proposed in Central Park

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This is kind of a cute story. I have been playing tennis for almost my whole life so lets just say I really enjoy it. I hear the Pete Sampras and Roger Federer were playing an exibition match at Madison Square Garden in NY. My boyfriend at the time and were trying to figure out if we could afford to go. I was out of town for work and he called me and said they he bought the tickets and were going. We arrived really late at night so we just went to bed so we could get up and start the day early (neither us of have ever been there). We woke up to room service and then headed out to explore. We did a lot fo shoppping (well window shopping) and the finally headed over to Central Park. We were just walking around then came up to a hill and he said lets go up here. I though it was for the scenery? Then I turned around and he was down on one knee. It was a dream come true. We had been dating for almost five years. The best part...on top of getting engaged, the next day I was going to watch my childhood hero play tennis. What a guy...

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