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Blog with wedding cake ideas

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Another site-but local to Seattle-is Mike's Amazing Cakes

They were at the huge Seattle Wedding Show in January and their cakes are so awesome! AND they tasted great too!


my fave on the pink cake box is the sunflower cupcakes! i wish i had one right now to celebrate the coming of spring soon!

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Originally Posted by jmiranda View Post
WOW they are so cool...I cant even pick a favorite. Theres a show ACES OF CAKES that does cakes like that too..its amazing
They are really cute....I saw her on CNN before. I found our cake in Martha Stewart.... I love Ace of Cakes too....actually my partner is having on of their cakes made for his girlfriend....it's a surprise! They are REALLY expensive though...a 10 inch round (which is the smallest and cheapest cake they do) was $500! But they are huge fans of the show and she's gonna be so thrilled!

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