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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by ccarmany23 I am also interested in the votives if for any reason they are still available, thanks! Sorry the votives and the bouquet pin are both sold. I tried to update the status but I cant figure it out =( All the other items are still available.
  2. Hi All.....Im in the process of moving and I realized I have so many wedding related items around that could easily make another bride happy. I will be posting more items throughout the week. Please PM for any additional details or questions. I accept paypal. Happy hunting =) Jasmine Haute Wedding Gown - Style T833 Asking $1100 All details can be found by going to this Once Wed Link: Once Wed - designer wedding dresses for less Petticoat/Crinoline - Example Photo Size: Small (medium full) Color: White Closure:Hook and eye closure - 3 different choices Condition: Used once and cleaned Classic A-line nylon taffeta skirt. Underneath, nylon net ruffles starting mid-thigh layering downward. Asking: $30 + S&H Votive/Tealight Candle Holders - Damask Print Rice Paper covered Glass Votive Size: 2.5in W x 4.25in H Color: Chartreuse Green Available: 12 Asking: $22 for the set of 12 + S&H Photos from my wedding showing how we used them. Bouquet Jewel - Palm Tree Color: Palm Tree Colors Green, silver and tan Asking: $9 + S&H Photo of my bridal bouquet with bouquet jewel.
  3. Everything looks so good. Your colors match perfectly. Love the mini shell soaps.
  4. aawwwee that is the cutest. I love personalized cake toppers.
  5. Welcome back Rebecca!!!! You looked amazing cant wait to see more. Sorry to hear about some of the issues but it certainly sounds like you made sure they knew the error or their ways and hopefully correction for any future occurances.
  6. Becks-Congrats on Legal Friday!!!!! And many warm wishes for the big day in Mexico!!!! Missy-Congrats on the house thats great! I think we are going to start looking soon Im so nervous. Kelly-I have the menus. I can post them on here or send them to your personal email when I get home tonight. PM and let me know unless Perla gets back to you before then.
  7. LMAO! That is great!!! I wonder what other drivers are thinking when they see this. Forget that I wonder what he is thinking when he does it. So adorable!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Freckles Congratulations Michelle! Thank you so much for your detailed reviews, your wedding looked amazing and you were a beautiful bride. Do you mind if I ask where you got your cake topper? Its so cute. Did you ever do a site visit or did you make all your decisions through email? We have been told we have to finalize the details a month ahead of time so that they have time to order things....was wondering if anyone else was told this and how easy would this be if we aren't doing a site visit? Yamille - we havn't got our 09 pricing yet we are basing it on the 08 pricing and leaving room for the price increase as Im sure there will be one!! Thanks!!!! The cake topper was a special inside joke between me and my husband so I had it specially made. I went right to etsy.com and I did a search and found a woman who specialized in polymer clay figures and asked if she could make me this. She was great to work with and left no detail out. It was a bit pricey but I loved it. The cake topper was the biggest hit when the cake came out you should of seen everyones reaction Priceless. We did do a site visit we didnt stay at the resort and the visit wasnt very long b/c we had another appointment to get to but we knew after leaving that was the place hands down. Everything else was done solely through email I never made a phone call once which is pretty scarey now that I think about it. LOL. Becks- OMG I cant believe it you are so close!!!! Are you excited or what? Are you more excited for legal day Friday or Mexico =)
  9. Thanks all. I still cant believe its over though Im in denial LOL.
  10. I love the pics and your dress. My favorite picture is of the two of you leaning on eachother you both look so exhausted yet extremely happy its a wonderful candid.
  11. All I can say is yummy cupcakes are my favorite. I just baked a batch this weekend and Ive been eating them like a mad woman ever since.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by KLC77 Ladies, nenamono's review is up! Go check it out in the review section. Or here if I do this right... http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t26117 http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t26118 http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t26119 You are quicker than me, you told everyone before I did LOL. Well I know there is tons I forgot so dont be afraid to ask. Oh and on the paying one month in advance situation I was told the same thing and Im not sure if they were completely swamped or what but I emailed before we left and asked Perla about it she just told me to have everything ready when I arrived. Due to other weddings and conflictions I dont think I ended up paying until 3 days before the actual wedding. Turns out they did not charge me correctly either, they charged my cc in Pesos instead of the Dollar amount (I didnt even notice). After our wedding ended Perla came over to explain what happened and asked if I could meet with her in the morning to redo the remaing portion of the payment (I felt a little bad b/c it was her day off she was coming in just wrap this up). Due to weather and not having the reception outdoors we never ended up having some decor we requested Perla took this off the bill as well which Im not 100% sure would have been refunded if I had already paid in advance but I would certainly ask this question.
  13. Ceremony- C We had chosen the gazebo near the Mexico patio (mostly used as a rain location) for our ceremony. The ceremony setup was beautiful I wanted it simple and that is the way it turned out. Everything to our surprise pretty much started on time, I didn’t have a watch but I think we were 10-15minutes off. Let me first say we had a rehearsal two days before, I don’t know what happened but some things changed from how we all had rehearsed. We all lined up waiting for the processional to begin, the wedding coordinators have walkie talkies so she cued the music to begin the wrong song came on it was the song I was suppose to walk down the aisle to. We started telling her the wrong song is playing, she quickly cued whoever was handling the music to cut the song and then the right song came on. I a bit upset b/c we had gone over the song order with them several times and had given them the order which they even wrote down in their notes. I’m really not sure who was handling the music so I brushed it off and let it go. Everyone was suppose to walk from behind the Mexican fountain around it then towards the gazebo, during my walk down the aisle I was horrified to discover we had to dodge tables in the process they never moved them!!! I had to ask my father to move over b/c there was no way we were both going to fit between the table and the small space that was left, if they had moved the tables this would not have been an issue for us or the wedding party. So not only did this not look pleasant but it’s captured in our photos there is a table in the way of all of us coming down the aisle. When I finally arrived in the gazebo I noticed something was off, I come to find out after the ceremony that they changed the seating arrangements that we had rehearsed so when the wedding party arrived in the gazebo everyone was confused on what to do. I don’t mind that they changed it I do mind that no one knew about it and we weren’t told. As I mentioned early the wedding day was extremely windy so I nor our guests could barely hear what the officiate was saying b/c so much wind was blowing into the mic. I do realize this was no one’s fault but mother nature. During the rehearsal I had told the WC’s that my uncle would be doing a reading but he couldn’t make it to the rehearsal b/c he wasn’t arriving until the following day. She told me no problem the officiate would pause and cue him to come up. So during the entire ceremony my uncle waited off to the side waiting for his cue, they forgot!!!! I don’t know what happened but I look at it as a blessing in disguise b/c it was so windy no one would have been able to hear him anyway. He ended up doing the reading at the reception which was great b/c everyone could hear it and they did enjoy it and had a few laughs. In case anyone is curious I had him read “Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog†by Taylor Mali. Please understand I loved my ceremony and it was still magical in every way but I feel that some of what I mentioned above could have easily been avoided/corrected thus the reason behind my grade. The ceremony (its just a bit windy, I thought I was going to fly away) The wedding party table dodging!!! Cocktail Hour- A- Cocktail hour was moved from the Mexican Patio to L’Hermitage Restaurant due to weather. We arrived a bit late so we weren’t able to see how the escort cards were set up at this point everyone had already taken theirs. They had set up everything exactly how I had asked and displayed the cocktail napkins I had brought on all of the cocktail tables. Food was put out on trays buffet style I cannot comment on how the appetizers tasted b/c I only had one. People seemed to like them though as they disappeared quickly. We ended up keeping the appetizer menu that comes with the Fantasy Package I had inquired about changes but was told it would be at an additional cost and this wasn’t worth it for us. Waiters came around frequently taking drink orders and cleaning up empty cups. I did notice right away upon arriving in L’Hermitage that the AC was not on. I went to Perla right away and asked her to look into it b/c if I was hot I know our guests were sweltering. She checked came back a few minutes later and apologized telling us someone had turned it off accidently. A few minutes later we started to feel the AC and everything was alright. During cocktail hour we had also hired the steel drummer details below. Appetizers Steel Drummer- A I thought he was great I wish I had a chance to talk to him and let him know how much I appreciated everything. He played during the entire cocktail hour off to the side. The music was very soft not overbearing so everyone could still speak without yelling. The music was such a nice background touch and allowed everyone to talk and get into the Caribbean vibe. If you want something low key I recommend using him. I’m assuming the large steel drum group may be a bit livelier if you are going for that vibe. My husband chatting it up with the steel drummer DJ- C I don’t think we were too happy. Before we left for the wedding my husband sent Victor an email with all of the songs we would like to use from his provided list. He also gave him our first dance, mother/son, father/daughter, cake cutting, etc songs and told him he we would also be bringing burnt cds of more songs of music we want that we did not see available on his list. During dinner I have no clue was being played it was not what we had asked for I kept leaning over to my husband and asking him if he put this on the list he kept saying no. My husband then instructed the best man to basically keep on telling Victor what to play the rest of the night so eventually the party got going and we had songs we liked. Based on what I heard I don’t think Victor liked this too much but we had to do what we had to do =) I strongly suggest printing out a list of all your songs again and handing it to him just in case. He never played our cake cutting song while no one else noticed I did and then I’m not sure what happened during the father/daughter dance but the beginning of the song kept cutting out. Don’t know if it was an equipment issue or another issue. I believe for all the little odds and ends that went wrong we were WAY overcharged for the service we received. At the end of the night Victor did come and introduce himself to me which I thought was nice but at that point I was a little peeved. On a good note Victor was very responsive to emails and has a huge playlist to choose from. The party did keep going and the music and sound system was very good. Just a note that he does not MC so have someone else in charge of making announcements for your first dance etc. A mike will be provided. Reception- A OMG!!!! I can honestly say that having to switch locations from the beach terrace to L’Hermitage restaurant due to weather was one of the best things that could have happened. I loved the L’Hermitage more than anything it was perfect for our small get together and very private. The yellow/gold décor happened to go with our color scheme so everything flowed perfectly. The only minor issue I had was b/c the cocktail hour and reception were held in the same place there was no wow factor in seeing the reception area. I had asked if the area could be sectioned off but it just wasn’t possible, no big deal I just wanted that wow factor more for myself than anything =) Tables, décor, everything was beautifully set up and arranged just how I had pictured. I believe each table had a waiter ours came over and introduced himself and came around throughout the night to offer us drinks as well as served us food. For dinner we had the Coba Menu and the entree was the option of Grilled Beef Filet or Chicken in Merlot Sauce and for dessert we had fruit tart and tres leches wedding cake. I can’t tell you how many people raved about their dinner myself and husband included. We both had the beef and I know at one point we just looked at each other and said wow this is good. I’m a serious dessert fan I was not too enthused with the fruit tart but OMG the tres leches wedding cake was too die for!!!!!!! I’m telling you if we were not flying out the next day I would have had them pack the rest and I would have not had any problem finishing the rest off the following morning. I think I had 3 pieces I know in some photos you seem me hovering over a table with my back turned yeah that’s me scarfing down cake LOL. I thought it was the funniest thing when I saw those photos. The room was a perfect size four our guests (35 total) and room setup with ample room for a dance floor. It was truly amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing. Our cake sooooo YUMMY!!!! Guest Book Table setup
  14. Wedding Coordinators- A Perla and Elisa were great!!!!! Aside from being two of the nicest girls they are super helpful across the board. Elisa will be missed but I’m sure her replacement is top notch. On the day of our arrival we received a letter and phone call welcoming us and directing us to meet them the following day to go over last minute details, blood tests, etc. When we went in to meet with Perla she went over all of the details one by one that we had already agreed upon through email and now was my time to make any last minute changes. She will have a list printed out with descriptions and cost I brought along my own for comparison just in case but everything was exact. She then toured us around the resort again to go over all of the locations we picked for the welcome party, ceremony, wedding. At this time give them any details you want as far as setup, decorations, etc. I felt even better after the walkthroughs and was able to see everything for myself and give our opinions on any changes. Perla and Elisa kept in contact with us throughout the week on various different matters regarding weather, location changes, etc. I never felt like I had to hunt them down for anything they were always on top of things which meant we were able to have a great time all week. Hair & Nails- B Our hair and nail appointments were made for us by Perla and she was able to make changes for us two weeks before the wedding with no problems. I apologize but I cannot remember the name of the women who did my hair and nails (it was the same person). A guy did my cousins hair and nails. Everyone at the spa was nice, we were greeted immediately and they knew we were part of the wedding that day. We had our manicures first, I wasn’t thrilled at all with my manicure, she barely shaped my nails I should have asked for them to be cut (that was my fault for not asking), and way too much of my cuticles were cut. I really don’t understand why they don’t have fans to dry your nails with this is just common sense to me. The humidity makes it harder for the polish to dry creating this weird film on top that makes it seem like its permanently wet (who knows maybe it is). I’ve had several manicures and pedicures in Mexico and it’s been the same every time so I’m not imagining things. My MOH stayed to get her hair done with was turning out rather nicely but I had to leave to meet with Elisa to discuss alternate locations due to the torrential down pour the day of my wedding. My hair appointment wasn’t for another hour. I have to admit I was kind of nervous having the same women style my hair after me not being thrilled with the manicure. I came prepared for my hair with magazine pictures in tow, hair trail pictures, bobby pins, fake hair, elastics etc. They have most of this stuff I just brought them in case plus I had left overs from the hair trail. I wanted my hair precisely a certain way and to get it done we had to create an invention. We basically bought a sponge that you use in the shower and cut a hole in the middle to create the height and shape I wanted. Let me tell you the salon loved us and had a great time laughing at our creation but kept saying they were going to the store to get one also so they could do it at home. She made sure that I had enough hair spray to keep my hair in place all day (the wind was not forgiving that day I almost blew over in my dress several times), worked like a charm. My hair turned out great, exactly what I wanted and I could not have been happier!!! Me and my cousins hair. Flowers- B My bouquet and the MOH bouquet arrived in my room while we were at the salon. I ended up getting the standard white rose bouquet that comes with the fantasy package and was ready to take it apart if I had to. For the MOH I had ordered a bouquet of white gerbs. I had brought along satin ribbon that I had given Perla earlier in the week that was used to tie both bouquets with (I didn’t like the ribbon that was shown in the photos I was given). I had also brought along a bouquet jewel which I added myself. I was ecstatic to see both bouquets when we arrived in the room. They were lovely and nothing needed changing, my only regret was not being able to take them home to enjoy them longer (luckily my family was staying longer so I let them enjoy it). My fiancé was given his boutonnière which was also included in the fantasy package, originally he wasn’t going to use it and we were going to give it to my father but it ended up being really nice and simple so he wore it, go figure. For our ceremony I had requested a rose petal aisle with specific instructions for the petals to be on each side of the aisle not covering the entire aisle. As I mentioned earlier our wedding day was extremely windy and there was no way the rose petals would have stayed put. The wedding coordinators held off putting the petals down to let me know that due to the wind they will not stay put and if I still wanted to use them. I of course said yes and they ended up looking great. We had green and white roses for the reception tables and white and purple irises for our signature table. The arrangements themselves were exactly what I had requested; my only disappointment was the green roses. I had requested chartreuse roses (which I believe are grown in Mexico and South America) but instead received white roses painted green. While I don’t think anyone noticed b/c overall they were still lovely I was a bit disappointed at the amount we spent per arrangement to receive a painted flower and knowing they can be found in the area (maybe it’s not the season for them). That is the only reason I have given them a B instead of an A. Our bouquets The boutonierre Our centerpieces Photog, Citlalli from Claudia Photo- A A couple weeks before we left I sent Claudia an email confirming our date, times, etc. She wrote us back letting us know what we should expect and precautions to take with the sun so we aren’t burnt, etc but she had also out of nowhere suddenly informed us that packages with 5 or more hours are required to get food for the photog/assistant. While this was already planned to begin with I was a bit upset that it was not mentioned in the beginning (this should be part of standard business practices to inform your clients of everything beforehand) and felt a bit taken off guard in the way I was asked. Outside of this Claudia was always very informative and answered any questions I had, I just wanted everyone to be aware of my experience. Citlalli and her sister were a joy to work with!!! They arrived early and called the room to let me know that they would be coming in 15 minutes so I could have time to wrap anything up that I needed to. They were both very friendly and I never felt as if they were in the way. They were both very patient and helpful with me and my family. They knew the hotel very well and knew where to go for pictures. I was a bit nervous b/c I had asked Claudia if we were could give a “must take list†and we were told no they don’t do that. I really wanted detail shots and wasn’t sure what I wanted would be taken but after seeing the photos almost all the shots I would have requested were there. Citlalli let me know that it was their busy season so it would be a month before I would get my photos. I had received an email a month later letting me know that she was working with our photos and would be sending them out shortly. I was very pleased that she kept us updated on what was going on. We finally received our photos 6 weeks later and were so excited to see how our day was captured. I would recommend using Citlalli and her sister they are a great team.
  15. My apologies for posting my review so late but it’s been a crazy couple of months post wedding for me. Please if you have any questions ask away I truly want to help all as everyone helped me in this process. Having a destination wedding is a wonderful leap of faith and I’m so glad we decided to have one I wouldn’t have it any other way. Flight (American Airlines)- D- Our departing flight was connecting. I was nervous about getting the dress on the plan and into the first class coat closet. The flight attendant on our first leg was extremely nice and helpful and even walked us on and spoke directly with the first class steward. The second leg of the trip the woman was not as friendly and I was ready to get bridezilla but in the end she did keep her promise and we were able to hang everything in first class. Our return flight was the “the flight that never was” it was a horrendous experience. Upon arriving at Cancun Airport we found out that our flight back home was already delayed 5 hours due to “mechanical issues.” As we were leaving the following day on our honeymoon we were nervous but figured we had enough time if there were further delays. Five hours came and went and AA was still not giving us any confirmation if the flight would be departing that day. At this point there were many angry passengers all wanting answers, by the time AA finally cancelled the flight it was 10pm (at this point we had been in the airport 9 hours. We spent all day in the airport just to have the flight cancelled we then had to proceed to baggage claim to recollect our luggage and then go back to the counter (with one person at the counter) to obtain our hotel vouchers and check us in for the flight leaving the following day. The lady at the counter was really rude and had the nerve to tell us we should expect delays, delays ok but cancellations NOT due to weather is another story. By the time we got to the hotel we were exhausted slept a few hours just to wake up the following morning to go back to the airport. Upon arriving at the airport the following day we found out our flight is once again delayed the flight still has not pushed off the gate, to make a long story short 6 hours later we finally made it on. What angered me even further is they had the nerve to charge for headphones after everything that happened, I flipped out!!!! A few minutes later they came down the aisle passing out headphones free of charge. Least they could do. So b/c of our cancellation we had to change our flight for the honeymoon due to the fact we missed our flight and had to pay the change fee which came out of our pocket b/c it’s not AA. I still have not called them to file my complaint but I will most likely avoid at all costs every flying AA ever again!!!!! I’m being kind with a Grade of a D due to the fact that our departing flights went well I felt I could not give them an F. Hotel- A Upon arriving at the hotel we find out we have been upgrade to Royal Service, this was a wonderful surprise as we were whisked away to private check in. We still have no idea how it happened since we booked a standard room and the package stated one category room upgrade if available! We were introduced to our butler Diego and were taken on a mini tour of the hotel and then showed to our rooms to find a beautiful display of roses on our bed. The hotel itself was even more gorgeous than I remembered from our site visit. We visited the following Restaurants: Terrace Grill (Surf and Turf)- We ate here the first night. Located on the outside deck so be prepared for breeziness and a shawl if you get cold easily like me. I ordered the surf and turf, the shrimp was excellent, and the beef was good but not outstanding. Sumire (Japanese)- Very yummy and fun, beautiful inside! We made reservations for a large group (I think a max of 12). I’m not a sushi person but the sushi was really good. For dinner I had the teriyaki beef and shrimp which were also excellent. My only complaint is to be prepared to come out of their smelling like food especially if you are sitting down wind from the smoke coming off the grill. L’Hermitage (French)- Wow! The service and the food were to die for. Everything was so tasty I wish I could have ordered everything off the menu. I don’t think anyone at our table was disappointed. I believe they only seat up to 4, we had another couple with us and found out another couple had reservations at the same time we asked the head waiter if they could accommodate all 6 of us at a table but it was not possible. Tequila Grill (Mexican)- Our least favorite out of the mix, just wasn’t as good as the other locations. I had the chicken he had the shrimp. ****I was a big fan of the presentation of the food at all of the restaurants. I was also happy about the portion size which for some might be small but worked out perfectly for us. We never felt like we were over eating and never felt bad about having dessert. Mercado 28/Walmart- We were alone the first two nights of our stay before any friends or family showed up and we took this time to get our shopping out of the way so we could enjoy the time with everyone when they did arrive. For our wedding favors we wanted to get something native to Mexico so we decided we would explore and find something there instead of carrying favors down with us. We had a taxi take us to Mercado 28 that was recommended to us by Perla, we were on limited time so the taxi driver offered to wait for us at the market then drive us to Walmart (which is walk able from the market) and then back to the hotel after we were finished. We scavenged around the market for awhile debating on different items that were local and not too big so that guests would have trouble packing it. We ended up agreeing on small hand made pottery bowls. After haggling with a vendor for awhile we agreed to take 25 bowls, we quickly brought these back to the taxi and were on our way to Walmart. The market offers many different items depending on your taste if you are looking for favors but not too many food related items so I don’t suggest going there if that is what you want. Be prepared to haggle especially if you are buying in bulk. Perla and Elisa even told me that one couple went to Mercado 28 during their site visit and purchased maracas from a vendor who hand painted all of the guests names on each maraca. The couple paid for half then and upon their return to Mexico to pick up the completed maracas during the week of the wedding paid for the other half. Just a thought to keep in mind. We then ventured to Walmart to pick up goodies for our OOT Bags. I brought a ton of stuff for the bags but wanted local food to put in the bags. I wasn’t too thrilled with Walmarts selection of local food as there weren’t many individual sized options to choose from. We ended up getting tequila flavored chocolates, candy, gum, and mini chip bags in unique flavors. *****Sams Club is also located in the Walmart shopping plaza so you can kill two birds with one stone. Here are some of the wedding favors we purchased at the market.
  16. Hi girls I am back!!!! Well Ive been back for awhile but upon our return work has been hell for me (getting out at 10pm) so as you can imagine Ive been tired and havent been doing much. But...... Im going to try and get my review done this weekend. All I have to tell everyone is no worries the Paradisus is great and Perla and Elisa (although Ive read from your posts she has left) are a pure joy to work with. They have it all under control and do a wonderful job!!!! I had the most beautiful wedding I could have hoped for, although time seemed to fly by and I wish the day lasted a bit longer it was everything and more. Im so glad we chose a DW and many of our family and friends were able to be with us I would do it all over again if I could. Off to get started on my review........PM if you have any questions. Silly question and I should do research but maybe one of you know......Do I have to do anything with my marriage certificate to make my wedding legal in the US (get it translated or anything?) Heheheh for all I know its still not legal yet =) aaahhh well that just means I have to do it again
  17. Hi All- Thank you so much for the warm wishes!!!! I made my "soon to be" log on just to say goodbye to everyone b/c I was swamped and didnt get a chance and I couldnt leave without saying goodbye. Right now we are in Miami waiting for our next flight out. Thank you all so much for the support and wonderful inspiration. I will be sure to post a review and take pics upon our return. I cant believe our day is almost here its surreal! Will be thinking of everyone while Im away and taking mental notes Happy Early Memorial Day!!!!! Michele Michele
  18. Hi Everyone- Welcoming in all of the newbies! Sorry Ive been MIA but Ive just had so much going on. I usually lurk for about 5min and have no energy left. Its been craziness for me these past few weeks trying to wrap everything up in the week I have left before we head out on 5.25.08. The wedding is 2 weeks away and Im nervous, antsy, and excited all at once. I have so many pics I want to share with everyone like my bridal shower pics, and planning photos, etc. Hopefully I will work up the energy before we leave. Tomorrow is my bachelorette party so Im looking forward to unwiding with the girls. Thanks so much for the offer Melissa I think Im good for now stressed but good just send me warm wishes =) Im so excited Becks is down there right now. Cant wait to hear how her 2nd site visit went. How is everyone else coming along?
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by becks Holy crap! I didn't even notice! My dress is in - I'm going for my try on this afternoon (pre-fittings, just to make sure it's as expected). Then back to the Paradisus next week! Woohoo! Isnt it exciting when you get the call that your dress is in? You better post pics of you in that gorgeous halter dress missy
  20. I recommend it. I get mine done religiously. Mine usually last 2 weeks but my hair grows quick. I agree definately go to someone recommened, its super painful when they dont know what they are doing and apply wax to the area several times. Applying deodarant the next day is not fun when this happens I learned the hard way. THe only downside is waiting for them to grow out, in the winter not so bad but in the summer all I want to do is wear sleeveless shirts and I have to remember not to lift my arm during the grow out period LOL
  21. Your teaser pics are great cant wait to see more. WOW thats a huge starfish you both found imgine that one on your cake LOL.
  22. LOL.....well if it makes you feel any better you definately did a great job. I would love your OOT bag! Ask friends and family to help bring it down with you.
  23. Everything looks so good! Your clutch is amazing. I love these posts they are my favorite. NOw I really want to get the Purell wipes. Hope I can find them.
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