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Would you wear this BM dress?

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i agree with rach, i like it and id leave the ruffle, it lends to the casual beachyness!

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Originally Posted by AnnR View Post
I do really like it - but I wouldn't worry too much about finding a dress to be able to wear again. People always say that - but I have yet to see/have a BM dress that I'd ever wear again, and I"ve been in/to many weddings! lol But getting a non-tradtional dress definitely helps that if it's really a concern of yours.
In all of my 9 weddings I've been a BM in everyone says that they picked a dress we could wear again & it never is. We started having a prom themed party just to have a reason to wear BM dresses again.

I have a BM dress on the way that I could actually see wearing again. I hope I love it as much as I love the picture. If not, I'll throw it in the BM dress pile I have.

I think its better to focus on something that looks good, isn't overpriced & makes the girls feel pretty more than something they could use again.

I do like the blue dress. I think it's a little pricey for being so casual, but then I shop at target for my clothes.

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