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ROYAL PLAYA DEL CARMEN BRIDES: were kids allowed for the day? ...and other questions

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Shannon you are sooo good. You should be so proud of yourself. I am struggling to loose 10-15lbs and here you are making magic happened! Congrats to you!


Veronica, I have not heard of that policy! As of today I still haven't picked out a wedding package. Zulma never asked me to do that...I was under the impression that this is something that we do when we get there.

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Originally Posted by Marianna View Post
Shannon you are sooo good. You should be so proud of yourself. I am struggling to loose 10-15lbs and here you are making magic happened! Congrats to you!

Veronica, I have not heard of that policy! As of today I still haven't picked out a wedding package. Zulma never asked me to do that...I was under the impression that this is something that we do when we get there.
Marianna, it seems strange, doesn't it? Oh well... I sent the check today to Doreen at VillaWorld who said it was in our contract that we sent w/the $300 deposit. I spoke with Doreen yesterday. She said that we must pay for the wedding package and minister and/or judge in full NOW. We pay for extras (reception dinner, flowers, music, etc.) when we arrive to the Royal. We were caught off guard. But, not completely surprised.

I sent my first "major" email to Zulma today. I asked her several questions regarding gazebo decorations, dancefloor options, iPod setup vs. DJ, etc. We'll see if/when she responds.

The countdown (for us) has begun! We're about 33 days away! :-)

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Veronia- Please let us all know what her answers are to your questions! I think we are all dying to know!


So far my experience has been terrible with villa world so we stopped talking to them and my TA went straight to Zulma. Zulma responded right away confirming my date and sending initial information. We replied last friday about the deposit and she emailed back yesterday, so not bad for response. I have 2 weeks to pay the $300 but was not told about anything else. Also, I don't know if if was required or not but I had to tell them my wedding package now but was told I could change it later if I wanted.


Also, on a funny note. At the beginning of January I had sent an email to the generic email regarding the wedding packages and never heard a response. Until Monday when I got an email from Lili, lol, I am already working with Zulma but its funny that it took them that long to answer the very first inquiry I had!

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Man! I emailed Lili the questions that Micaela never answered at the beginning of the week,and I still haven't had any response...




Yes girls, any details you get from Lili or any other WC there, I'd love to hear about!!!


And...thank you all. Your support is so encouraging. I suck at pushups - typical when you have little upper body strength - but, I'm just about to do my Wii Fitting for the day, and I know there are pushups on there that I avoid! I WILL take a crack at it tonight!




Thank you all again for being such good...friends!

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Wow Shay..I think that we are all so impressed. I myself just want to firm up and possibly lose 5 pounds and its so hard to stay motivated to do just that and look at you! Absolutely post your photos when you can. I have to find someone to alter my dress as well. I bought a sample and tried it on the other day and realized just how big it is on me. Its amazing how good something can look with all the clip and the other day...it just hung there looking way less amazing then I had remembered sad.gif


As for the whole deposit and picking wedding package deal, we haven't sent them anything or put anything specific down as a request other than the locations and the the times. We e-mailed Zulma about it and she said we didn't need to worry. Not quite sure why we didn't have to put a deposit down and curious when we may need to pay for something...she said not till we get there but I would assume that as it gets closer that will change.

We leave 3 months from today :)

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Originally Posted by istephiez View Post
Hey there

Can I get the e-mail of the paul videographer that you mentioned. I also need to hire someone and would love someone that comes highly recommended.

I don't have access to my home account where his email lives, but, if you go to Playa Weddings - Video and Photography in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera Maya, you'll find it there...OR

coincidentally, he is a member on the forum. His username is: PlayaWeddings

Just do a search, you'll find him, and fire him a PM if you want more info. He's usually really quick to respond...but if you go the site, you'll get to view samples of his work too (I think he hosts them through vimeo)?

Anyways...I think you'll be impressed!

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Are any of my fellow brides (or groom) to be experiencing some transitional problems with the whole Micaela to Lili switch?


It's frustrating, because I sent all my checklists etc in to Micaela months ago, but apparently Lili either hasn't reviewed them, or doesn't have them, because she emailed me today not knowing what package we were having, therefore not knowing what flowers were included, if I wanted to be married on the beach or in the gazebo (after all that planning and cute photoshop picture and everything) and...stuff like that.


FYI: She did make a note in her email that to upgrade from the standard dance floor to the lighted dance floor, the cost is approximately (?) $350USD. We have decided...its just not worth it...we'll stick with the white floor and tiki torch set up.




on another note...push ups are hard, but they work. I AM seeing a miniscule change in my arms...though I doubt it will be enough before the wedding to make me feel that much more comfortable baring them!...but what can you do?! cheesy.gif Thanks again for all your support...and words of encouragment!



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Hi Shay,

I am working with Zulma. She took about three days to respond to my last email, which isn't horrible. I can send you her email address if you'd prefer to confirm your previous "Micaela" plans.


Here is the exact quote that Zulma sent in regards to my most previous email:


- We want mariachis at our reception. Can we bring in outside musicians?



- We want a dance floor? Do you have dance floor options?

We have an standard dance floor and is included in the reception fee, but we donâ€t have more options, if you want I can find an out side vendor to see their options and prices, please let me know


- We are trying to save money, and bring an iPod for the reception. What is the setup for this? Is there an extra cost for the equipment?

You have back ground music included in the reception but if you want to bring CDâ€s or iPod we can plug it in our equipment.


- Are there any additional decorations provided with our wedding package in addition to the standard set up of the gazebo?

The packages includes the standard set up


- I may want orchids in my bouquet. How far in advance do you need to know what I want?

Minimum 20 days before the wedding


She didn't mention the "upgraded" dancefloor. We want it. But, we don't want to pay $350. She also didn't mention the cost of using their AV system with our iPod. Hmmm.... I'm also curious to how much orchids cost. Does anyone know this?



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Ok - So i haven't posted in a while but have been crazy busy with wedding stuff. I got an email from Michel ( who is taking over for Micaela ) Has anyone heard about him? Also, micaela did tell me orchids are $25 each!! wow. Well i am gong to do it i love them.

So Michel told me that they never got my deposit! Panic! So now i have to track it down - what a pain.

No one has mentioned to me about paying any more $$...now i am worried we aren't pre-pared to pay any more for a few more months. oh gosh.

I thought we couldn't use outside vendors (i.e : mariachi band) b/c we want to use one too - now i should find out about that! why is this soo confusing - i just wish we all would get the same answers! lol!

I did however have my first dress fitting on Sat! woot! I LOVE IT! i can't wait. Also i finished my wedding invites - will be mailing them out this week! I will post pics this week too ( if i can get a minute to breathe!)


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