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ROYAL PLAYA DEL CARMEN BRIDES: were kids allowed for the day? ...and other questions

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Maybride, I think you had to use the stay right way in June, it wasn't a booking deadline like book by June 14 and use by the end of the year or something, so I think you still wouldn't have been able to use it...KWIM?

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Gazebo is a more popular choice is seems, for the Royal anyways... The beach at this resort is public and crowded from what I have heard and most brides like that the gazebo, while not private, doesn't run the risk of having half naked old men in speedos in your pictures.... IMO.

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Booked our date 5/29/2010. just gave a deposit, not sure if we should do a package or all al a carte, we are expecting roughly 50-100 people, thinking ceremony at gazebo, reception at the beach, i need all the help and advice i can get!!!! also, thinking of doing a dj and a mariachi band, did anyone do this? and did you book them through the resort or outside with your own research??


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EmenGeeRoxx...here's the pricing Angie gave me:


THE ROYAL in Playa Del Carmen


Single, Double, 3rd & 4th


Junior Suite 332 210 160


Ryl Junior OV 345 218 165


Ryl Junior OF 414 263 198


Ryl Junior BFWO 445 284 214


Ryl Junior Swim Up 458 292 220


Ryl Master OV 470 300 226


Ryl Master OF 522 332 248


Ryl Presidential 591 377 281


Gran Porto Real

Single, Double, 3rd & 4th, Teen(13-17 yrs), Child (6-12 yrs)



Junior Suite 270 167 126 113 65


Junior Suite OV 283 175 132 118 68


Family Jr Suite OF 295 183 138 122 72


Junior Suite OF 295 183 138 122 72


Gran Jr Suite BFWO 331 209 159 142 78


Gran Master Suite 395 249 187 166 104


Sorry, I couldn't do anything about the spacing. I tried to make it table-like. These prices are for Jan 16, 2010.

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HI ladies!!! I emailed a bunch of questions to Angie and just got her responses. Thought this might help some of you.


1. What size wedding can you accommodate? 200 to 250 people


2. What is one of the best features of a wedding at your facility? We do a fantastic job from start to finish.


3. Are you flexible regarding customization? The packages are as is and cannot be changed. However you can add on. How much leeway would I get w/ menus, music, flowers, photography, etc? You would have to get specific before I can answer.

4. What type of spaces is available for both the ceremony and the reception? The Ceremony can be on the beach, in the gazebo or in the ballroom depending on the amount of people. The reception can be on the beach, in the gazebo, in the garden or in the ballroom depending on the amount of people. Is anything off limits? I don't understand the question.


5. Are any renovations scheduled on my wedding date? Will they be disruptive? Nothing that I am aware of and it is highly unlikely since that will be during high season and we do not schedule renovations then as a rule.


6. Can I see more photos of the facility other than the ones on your website? Tell me what you want a photo of and I will see what I have.


7. Who is the on-site wedding coordinator and what specific duties will she help me with? She will meet with you after you arrive and double check everything and oversee your wedding. Will she be available on the day of the wedding? Yes


8. Can I get references from recent brides? I will try for you.


9. How do prices vary according to day of week or time of day? They do not vary day to day through the week, but if your stay is over a holiday weekend there is a surcharge.


10. How much deposit is required to reserve my date? $200 and it needs to be done soon or we will not be able to continue to hold it. When would I need to make the next payment? Final payment is due 45 days prior to arrival.


11. Does the hotel have enough rooms for my guests?

a. I have heard that in the past, Royal Playa del Carmen overbooks during high season. This does not happen often and anyone that books through here would be noted as wedding guests.

b. How can I avoid problems for my guest when they arrive? Make sure that their reservations are noted as attending the Yost & Ray Wedding I don't know who Yost & Ray are. Wonder if she answered the same questions for someone else.

c. What is the best way for our guests to book their rooms? They can book their rooms through us.


d. How long are the rooms held for? They have 10 days to get their deposit in.


12. What types of activities do couples usually organize for guests? They are at an all inclusive resort and having the wedding and the reception scheduled at a certain time is the most scheduled time that guests usually want. Most want time to lay back and enjoy. Whatâ€s on the property? See the attached fact sheet.


a. What kind of golf outings is available for guests? There is a golf course in Playacar and in Cancun.


13. How far are you from the airport? 45 minutes How much is taxi from airport? $50 one way or we can arrange transfers for $45 per person round trip.


14. Are there any weddings scheduled to take place on my wedding day? Will it interfere with mine? How many weddings do you book in a day? She didn't answer this one.. censored.gif


15. How formal is the hotel? What is the standard attire? The attire is laid back and relaxed. They do request you to dress nicely for the nice restaurants at night.


16. Can kids eat at Royal (at other times beside day of wedding)? No, They are only allowed at the wedding it is an adult only resort. Infants? No, They are only allowed at the wedding it is an adult only resort. (We will have kids ranging from infant-7 years old)


17. Cancellation policy is 0-14 days w/ no refund…what happens if thereâ€s another swine flu outbreak or similar? Do you provide wedding insurance? They take special circumstances into consideration when they happen. Those who were booked during the swine flu (even though there was nothing near our resorts) were given a full refund.



18. For guests staying at Porto, can they use all facilities at Royal? The people from THE ROYAL can go to the Gran Porto anytime that they want and use all the facilities. The people at the Gran Porto can only drink and eat at THE ROYAL during the wedding reception or if they purchase a day pass.



19. Is the beach public? In Mexico Yes.


20. Can we schedule a sight visit for the near future to look at both facilities, rooms, wedding locations, vendor samples, food sampling? We can schedule a site inspection whenever you are going to Mexico and a food tasting. The food tasting is free if your deposit is made or $50 per person which can be used as a credit when you book. We may only have time to do one site visit before the wedding. Those that do a site inspection usually only do 1 so you will be fine with that.


21. All inclusive questions:

a. Will my guests†food and drink be covered during wedding activities even if they arenâ€t guests at the resort? If they are not guests at the resort you pay double for them to include the food and drink.

b. How are the charges for the ceremony and reception broken down? They are only broken down if you do everything separately. The additional rates are listed on the tariffs page that I sent with the wedding packages and at the bottom of the packages themselves.

c. Are there plenty of included activities for all of my guests during their entire stay? See attached Fact Sheets.

d. Is top shelf alcohol included in both hotels? No, just at THE ROYAL. Can guests enjoy alcohol from both resorts? The people from THE ROYAL can go to the Gran Porto anytime that they want and use all the facilities. The people at the Gran Porto can only drink and eat at THE ROYAL during the wedding reception or if they purchase a day pass.

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Originally Posted by loanmao View Post
Emengeeroxx...We'll probably be there the same time!

Allison&Kevin...will you be staying after your wedding on the 9th? Perhaps our stays will overlap as well!

Maybride...hope things work out this time around.. good luck!
Yes we will be there for sure, though I am not sure of the exact days, but being we are on the 8th we will need some chill time. There is no way we are rushing to get back to a rainy Portland either :)

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