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July '08 NEWLYWEDS chat!

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#21 destinationcabo

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    Posted 07 March 2008 - 03:31 PM

    I am a July bride too! I still have quite a bit to do:
    1) Order FI something to wear.
    2) Get MOH to pick a dress and order it so we can decide what the Best Man will wear and get that ordered (the clothes are our gifts to them so this is double duty!)
    4) Order my son's outfit
    3) Decide on table decorations (that is the only decorating we are doing)
    4) Lose some more weight! (5 lbs down - 8 to go!)
    5) Get the guests to book their trip so we have a firm number!!! So far we have 6 booked - we are only expecting about 20ish, but not even our wedding party has booked yet! They are making me nervous!
    6) Decide on our music-iPod system, DJ, solo guitarist
    I probably have more to do but these are the top of the list!

    #22 katrina


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      Posted 08 March 2008 - 03:11 PM

      i'm getting my dress fitted tomorrow!!! so excited!

      #23 vale

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        Posted 09 March 2008 - 05:35 PM

        Were getting married in July too.

        We (I) have sent out the invitations (had a few replies, the only people going so far are me, DH, our three children (my bridesmaids) and one of my daughters friends, 6 in total, which is what we expected so not upset)
        Dresses are on order (mine and all bridesmaids)
        Holiday booked
        Judge and day booked
        Legal docs can be started next month
        DH clothes to sort out (which he is insisting can be done the week before we fly!!!)

        I can't think of anything else to do, if any more people go then perhaps will need to do more but can't think of anything else at the moment.

        Or am I just tooooo laid back about it all

        #24 Martha

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          Posted 09 March 2008 - 06:38 PM

          I stated earlier that I seriously haven't done anything, and I meant it...

          1. Lose more weight
          2. Order invites. They are picked out, but not ordered yet.
          3. Wait for dress to come in beginning of June, then get it fitted.
          4. Find FH a tie and shoes
          5. Buy my pink shoes :)
          6. Print out logos
          7. Welcome letter
          8. iron on logo to OOT bags
          9. Buy OOT bag stuff
          10. buy stickers for mugs
          11. hair and make-up trial
          12. buy summer clothes for FH and I
          13. decide on boarding for our cat and dog (this has been VERY hard)
          14. buy my wedding band
          15. finish cd/downloading music
          16. finish paying for trip
          17. finish paying for photographer
          18. finalize decorations at dinner/reception
          19. buy FH gift (Bulova watch) was going to to BD pics but changed my mind
          20. luggage tags
          21. buy polariod guest book
          22. pick menu and make menu cards
          23. get teeth whitened
          24. get Botox for between by eyes....major frown line. I frown when I think, when I am mad and when I am sad....i always frown! lol
          25. and I am sure much, much more!

          #25 katrina


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            Posted 10 March 2008 - 08:02 PM

            i've found it much easier to make smaller weekly lists, rather than huge overwhelming lists. soooo..

            last week i:
            -had my first fitting
            -mailed my invites
            -bought my shower dress
            -made a sign for the guestbook table

            this week i am:
            -printing/attaching the tags for the petal toss
            -finalizing the design of the cd favors
            -picking up my dress
            -taking the bm dresses to be altered

            #26 BarefootBride

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              Posted 11 March 2008 - 06:57 AM

              im getting my dress bustled soon!

              #27 ACDCDCAC

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              Posted 11 March 2008 - 10:14 AM

              OMG I just caught this thread.
              I think I can blow you guys out of the water with my list. I have an excuse, tho, since we are doing our Big Fake Wedding at home and our Small Real Wedding in HI within 5 days of eachother! Our home wedding has 200 guests, HI will have 12-15.
              SO-the shorter list is for the Lihue, Kauai, Hawaii wedding and 4 day Vaca.
              ~Make sure that our officient got his letter of good standing sent to HI to get licensed to perform ceremonies in the state.
              ~Figure out which hotel/condo we want to stay at and check airline employee rates/Book it!
              ~Car rental!
              ~Find a cool Luau that we can go to the night of the wedding.
              ~Edit and print our Hawaiian wedding ceremony, and find a Mother's Lei ceremony online somewhere.
              ~Make/send boarding pass invites for the 12-15 guests (just a week or 2 before we go, we are all able to fly standby due to 3 of us being airline employees and the rest being spouse/parent/dependants of, so we basically do this whole thing on the fly!--oops no pun intended! Ha!)
              ~Find an inexpensive photog or a friend who can take decent digital pics for less than an hour.
              ~Find a nice restaurant for brunch after the late morning wedding, and a fun restaurant for the "welcome dinner" the night before.
              ~Find a florist in Lihue to get 3 lei's for our mom's and my stepmom, and a fresh plumeria blossom for my hair.
              That's all the big stuff for the SRW.

              The BFW list is a mile long, I have to much to do and NO money to do it with! Our road trip to Chicago at Christmas really put us back a LOT further than we wanted to be financially right now, and my stupid work isn't offering as much OT as you would think I could get closiing in on Spring Break soon
              At least I KNOW and have decided on everything, I just have to order and pay for it all!
              ~Finalize and pay deposit for chair covers and sashes
              ~Pay balance of venue
              ~Pay balance of photog
              ~Order and pay for favors, tie ribbons and tags to them.(Need to make that too!)
              ~Order and pay for centerpiece components
              ~Make or find organza table overlays or something to cover top of table under centerpieces.
              ~Buy roses and stephnotis for my bouquet (I'm making my own, just getting flowers from Costco day of. I made my Mom's for her wedding and it turned out FANTASTIC! Saves a TON of money.)
              ~Buy makeup for the wedding. I want to do my own so I still look like me, only more dramatic.
              ~Figure out WTF to do with my hair! Do it myself or pay BIG$$ for trial and day of. Torn up about this.
              ~Buy shoes for Doug, Me and the whole wedding party. (Our gift to everyone is matching low-top Converse with the persons role and the date embroidered on the side!)
              ~Find and buy Doug's pants?? Some sort of Khaki's or soemthing.
              ~Find and have them buy the BM/GM shirts/pants.
              ~Order and pay for paper parasols for me and all the girls (5 bridesmaids).
              ~Go to venue in the spring and see it all pretty and flowery!
              ~Make and go over menu/menu cards with Doug's mom (our caterer).
              ~Make our arch for the ceremony, and figure out what to use to define and "rope off" the aisle from the seating.
              ~Make sure our amp and mike work for the ceremony.
              ~Figure out what table to use for the sand ceremony and buy sand and vases for that!
              ~Pick up my dress from alterations April 11.
              ~Finish my 100 freaking STD's and send them! (Need to buy twine, roll postcards, and wax the tops of the bottles, and stick address labels on all of 'em.)--Was supposed to have these mailed by today!
              ~Finish invites and mail. (I have all the paper product, just need to print and tape, put together, make inserts and map, and mail!)
              ~Order table linens 2 weeks before wedding.
              ~Have appt. with venue to decide on table/dancefloor placement.
              ~Pay deposit and balance to DJ (fortunately it's a friend from work, so he's cool!) and make a Must Have playlist.
              ~Order MatronOH dress.
              ~OH LORD I know there has to be more, but this is off the top of my head the last 30 min while I'm sitting here organizing my thoughts. Cool! Now I can just copy this post to a Word Doc and print it! I can't believe I haven't listed everything out like this before!

              Hang in there, July Brides! We will get thru this and conquer! Remember that this occasion is supposed to be happy and joyous, so think about that when something doesn't fall into place the way you want it to! The most important part is that you have your man, you are in love, and you are going to have an amazing day and you will look beautiful! Don't forget that!

              #28 Cole5worm

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                Posted 11 March 2008 - 10:38 AM

                wow you do have us beat!! Poor poor thing! haha just kidding! it will all come together for all of us cool July Brides!!!

                #29 ACDCDCAC

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                Posted 11 March 2008 - 10:40 AM

                yeah, whats funny is as i was finishing up that post, i was thinking to myself that it wasn't as long of a list as i thought! i was feeling pretty darn proud of myself for getting all the stuff done that i have! haha!

                #30 meltanirie

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                  Posted 11 March 2008 - 10:52 AM

                  great job on the invites they look awesome!

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