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Our Wedding Bands Have Arrived!!! *PICS*

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It's all starting to feel oh-so-real now! :-)


Tom's wedding band arrived a few weeks ago ... and mine came in yesterday.


I have tried to take *actual* pics but they are so shiny I can't get them to show up with our camera or my camera phone. ACK! So I am posting the pics from the internet ... but they are the exact same rings as these (except Tom's is all white gold -- not the yellow gold trim as in this pic).


Mine is not as wide as I expected based on this picture -- but it is absolutely PERFECT -- dainty and intricate and oh so sparkly. It fits like a dream!!! I love it way more than this pic. It has so much more shine and sparkle!!


Tom's arrived safely from Ireland and he loves it as well.


Both were custom made and I would recommend either company.


Mine -- www.WeddingRings.com


His -- Celtic Jewelry and Irish Jewelry - Celtic Wedding Rings and Irish Wedding Rings


Neither of us can wait to wear them!!! (I've been wearing mine around the house all morning staring at it. lol.




Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

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My e-ring was a Tacori. Also very intricate and detailed. Center stone w/ two side diamonds and scalloped edging with small diamonds in each scallop. But, it was stolen last year so I am simply wearing a CZ replica now and will not wear an e-ring after the DW.


I think we can find a simple ring to wear with the band now that we have it and see how it fits ... so Tom says for a 1-year anniversary we can get me a replacement for the e-ring.

But the band alone is so beautiful! I can't stop staring at it!!! cheer2.gif

Originally Posted by Sarah View Post
Tami those are gorgeous! I love the intricate detail on yours.


Remind me- what is your ering like? Is it a solitaire?

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