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Cake Topper Decor Question...

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Okay so I am having cupcakes: 2 tiers of cupcakes (chocolate w/ light pink frosting) and one 6" top cake that wil be light pink frosting with a dark brown ribbon around the base.


Question: If I wanted to use 2 gerber daisy tops for the cake topper, what color should I use...light pink or ivory?


Or should I just forget the flowers and buy a monogram topper w/ a few jewels?

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I like the idea of the daisies, in pink. Of course if you go the cake topper you could save it and use it over whenever you make a cake at home, we make a lot with the kids, so that's what we'll probably do.

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I would say it's totally up to you. I personally wouldn't go with pink on pink - BUT I do think the monogram would jazz it up a little and make it seem more like a wedding cake. I think I've seen some silver wire daisies somewhere that you use as cake toppers too if you wanted the daisies.


Hope this helps!

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Originally Posted by SoontobeMrsE View Post
OH - I know...what about doing it all?

Put the monogram with some daisies around the base of the monogram! That would be pretty!
Well originally I was going to do it all. I was going to make the top cake white w/ the brown ribbon and then have the h and 2 light pin gerbera daisies...

but then Deena suggested that since the rest of the theme was pink and brown then maybe the top cake should be light pink instead of white and since I am a visual person and can't see it in my mind then I thought that the light pink flowers I was originally going to use would clash with the pink frosting....
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