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New Vendor - Michael Wachniak Photographer

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Hello Everyone!


I am so happy I have found this Forum, I'm SUPER STOKED to grow into a strong member here! I have read the vendor rules and I promise to abide by them and help as many people as I can here!


I am a Wedding Photographer based out of Vancouver BC Canada, and I am looking to branch into the Destination Wedding Market. A few years ago I worked as a photographer on cruise ships travelling around the world, and I absolutely LOVED it! (no surprise, as my entire life before ships I only travelled parts of Canada, and then Texas and Montana haha!) Now I have seen places such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, New Caledonia, Italy, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Mexico, Costa Rica, the list goes on!! Can you believe I did that all in just 2 years! :) Me neither!


Anyhoo, I am here to promote my business, but also to try and lend a helping hand (and an ear) to anyone with photography questions, cruise ship questions, and I promise to do the best I can with any travelling questions as well. I truly love the wedding industry and I'm a hopeless romantic (which is why I chose this career over anything else!), and I just want everyone to know that I'll be picking YOUR brains as well! :) I always like to hear about new trends and tidbits that I can pass on to my new friends.


I encourage everyone to take a look at my website and blog, but if you really want to get to know me, don't hesitate to drop me a line!


All the best!



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Welcome to the forum Michael!


You have so many great experiences. How cool that you've been to all those places! I'm sure you'll be a valuable resource to our brides/grooms. Cool!

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