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I let my girls pick their own dresses.  My only requirement was green (I gave them a few shades as a guideline).  I loved that they all had the dresses they loved, and I thought they still complimented each other well. One was very chiffony (middle), one was a sateen cotton, and one had more structure, but still a shiffony overlay. I had earrings and necklaces made, and asked them to wear at least one of the pieces. My sister wore both (in the middle), my MOH wore the earrings and my craft bridesmaid (who made them all!) wore the necklace.


I loved it, exactly what I wanted.  I really don't like matchy matchy.







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Here are a few pictures of the front and back of our bridesmaid dresses! We had a terrible time finding navy dresses I liked and ended up finding these at Macy's off the rack!  I wasn't sold on them right away but my sister (MOH) insisted they were right so for around $50 each we just went with it.  I am really happy with how they turned out in pictures and all the girls were really comfortable in them!  


bridesmaid dresses front - wedding.jpg


wedding party - wedding.jpgbridesmaid dresses back 2 - wedding.jpgbridesmaid dress back - wedding.jpg

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Have any of you ordered bridesmaid dresses online?  I can get a better price at a couple of online websites than I can get in local stores but I just hesitate to do so, not knowing if they're really legit or not... I'm just having my 2 sisters for bridesmaids and they are wearing 2 different Bill Levkoff chiffon styles in the same color (156 and 561 in capri).

There's a bunch of sites offering as much as $50 less than in stores.  All the stores around here have the same price but just different on the rush delivery charge.  So if any of you have ordered BM dresses online please let me know what site and if you recommend it?  Thanks!!

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