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  1. We set up a group snorkel trip thru the resort for the day after the wedding. About half our group went. It left right from the beach on our resort, it was about 3 hours of snorkeling, swimming in a chest-deep inlet and lots of rum and mamajuana! And because we organized the group, the two of us were free! It was a blast! We took home a video...
  2. The date your US marriage license is signed and filed has to be a date you are in the US. If you want to legally be married on the date of your PC wedding you'd have to do it their way and go thru all the steps involved. We used a friend who got ordained online and we signed the paperwork and submitted when we got back. The date is different but we can celebrate either or both dates. We probably will just celebrate the date the wedding took place. J ust make sure to tell them you did a ceremony at home on the date you are signing the license with. You're supposed to have an actual legal ceremony in the US also but when it's a friend signing as officiant, they have no way to know...
  3. We also used Caribbean Emotions. They were great! The flowers are real and beautiful!
  4. There's a full thread on this forum devoted entirely to this. My ceremony script was pieced together from what I found on there... I'd post the link for you but I'm not sure how to do it from my phone. You can look on my profile and find it in my list of previous posts...
  5. We chose 4, one of each for each of our guests. It was not a lot but it was enough. I'd say if you choose only 2 or 3 apps you may want to consider getting 10-20% more than your # of guests in case some people grab more than one then others may miss out... I was definitely glad we tried everything at the tasting because I think I only got 1 or 2 after we were done with pictures.
  6. We had wanted to do the legal ceremony in the DR and not have to worry about having 2 ceremonies until we looked into the process. We decided for us it wasn't worth the hassle. So, one of our best friends got ordained online and he officiated for us and we signed all the documents when we got back. We just told them we were doing the "official ceremony" at home and our NJ lisence is dated for the day we got back. It was way easier, almost free (as opposed to all the fees for translation and the judge) and we were able to do it all how we wanted.
  7. Congrats! You've made an excellent choice! If you go to my profile page theres an album with some pics of my day. We kept things pretty simple as far as decor. Our colors were purple and blue. Feel free to ask any questions.
  8. Private cocktail hour for the bridal party, what a great idea! Wish I'd thought of that ahead of time!!
  9. We used Caribbean Emotions for photography and video. We liked everything we saw or could find online while making our decision and their prices were really good. They were easy to work with, did an awesome job and we had our discs in hand before we left to go home! If you look a few pages back I posted some pics and there are a few in an album on my profile. I'd definitely say they are a solid choice!
  10. Thank you! Honestly it was all Mayte! I left most of the decor up to her and she did not disappoint!
  11. It was all a part of the ceremony set up fee, nothing was extra. =)
  12. cnd29

    Jellyfish Wedding

    June 24, 2012 Caribbean Emotions
  13. Going to take advantage of this quiet night at home and share some pics from June 24. Our photos and video were done by Michael and Pascal of Caribbean Emotions. They were so great to work with, we couldn't be happier with how everything turned out! My favorite shot:
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