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  1. Sorry so late to respond! They are from David's Bridal in Coral
  2. Here are my bridesmaids in their dresses on our wedding day
  3. Here is my dress on our wedding day. Its by Ella and it was absolutely perfect for our beach wedding
  4. I just received my jewelry today, I ordered my jewelry my CrystalAvenues on Etsy. They are absolutely beautiful pieces and I recommend everyone check out her shop! She was such a pleasure to work with and her prices are so reasonable.
  5. swojdyla-I hope you have an amazing wedding today and everything is perfect for you!!! Congratulations!!!
  6. Haha no I think that's totally fine. I hope you have an amazing wedding!!!!! I can't wait to hear all about it!
  7. Maybe $100 or up to $150? What were you thinking? What are you doing for chair sashes, did you order and are you going to bring your own or renting from them? Also are you doing a rehearsal dinner? Your wedding is soo close! What else do you have left to do?
  8. I also ordered the Ivory. I was a little worried with the ivory but seeing you in yours I def am not now, I cannot wait to wear it! That's so great you got to wear it twice! Lucky! Congrats again!
  9. AmyG-Congratulations!! You looked beautiful! We are dress twins so I really loved your dress! I cannot wait to wear mine. Was yours the ivory or the white?
  10. I have been stalking the dollar tree website and stores for the jumbo tote bags http://www.dollartree.com/big-polyester-beach-totes/p310914/index.pro for months now. I even checked the website this morning and just says "out of stock". I went into my local Dollar Tree before and they had them! I bought all 22 that they had. Just wanted to let you ladies know that have been waiting for these to come out so you can go to your local stores and hopefully they have them too!!
  11. Are any of you doing a pre travel brochure for your guests?
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