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Tattoo's are more than art...

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they are a form of expression!


My boyfriend is a tattoo fanatic. I have two myself.


So this is how our story went...


I was having a ladies night with his aunts and grandmother while he went out collecting things we needed before we left for our mini vacation to FL. Well in the middle of our ladies night he ended up calling the house telling us his car broke down and he needs his aunts AAA card. She gets off the phone and plays up that he is upset and we need to go get him ASAP. So it ended up taking us a little longer to get going and he calls again. This time apparently he is furious and will be waiting across the street at the tattoo shop.


We go rushing over there. I get inside first and he is on the chair getting a tattoo. I was very apologetic going into the place but when I saw him on the chair I was furious for not talking with me first! Then I realize he is getting my initials tattooed into a human heart tattoed on his chest with the word TRUST next to it. (not a very good description). He gets out of the chair and comes over to me with his fore arm out and I am reading "Will you Marry Me?" and I look down further and in his hand is my engagement ring. I first had to make sure that tattoo on his arm wasn't real and then I said yes, tears and all.


Needless to say it was a great vacation in Florida afterwards.


Its an odd way for most people to propose but for him it was perfect. We started off our relationship in that place and we now are starting our marriage from that shop.

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